International Cat Day: Readers’ cats

August 20, 2013 • 4:15 am

Moving right along, we have another aliquot of felids from reader submissions.

Reader David sends a picture of his thirsty moggie, and I’m sure other readers have seen the same thing:

Not too sure whether other cats do this but this particular specimen (called Louis) that I tabbysat liked to drink water flowing directly from the tap (see attached pic). If he hears the tap going he will jump up on the kitchen bench and help himself.


Which reminds me of this LOLcat photo (not sent by a reader):


Reader Amber sends a pair:

these are my two cats, Rosy and Frida (Rosy tabby, Frida black) they’re Devon rexes with super soft curly fur, they’re best friends and extremely cuddly and playful. Frida is usually called Frederick/Fred- she’s very naughty.


Finally, reader Amanda has graced us with two photos:

OK, I have two cats, so you get double the fun! The first photo is my cat Tiggy, who thinks he might have a career in the circus as an acrobat. This clothes hanger is one of his favorite toys.


The second photo is a lovely profile of my older cat, Darwin, who is very proud of his name. He wishes that the human race would evolve into a more feline-like creature.

Darwin 1

6 thoughts on “International Cat Day: Readers’ cats

  1. One of our cats likes to drink from the running tap. Out of eighteen cats, this is the only one that does it.

  2. We once had a cat that preferred a steadily dripping tap. He would watch and wait on the side of the sink until I got it set just right.

  3. It does seem like most cats would rather drink from anywhere but their designated water bowl.

    In addition to faucets most cats I have had would not hesitate to jump up on a table, or counter, walk over to your drink cup, then insert their head down into it as far as necessary to reach the liquid inside.

    Our current feline master likes to come into the shower and drink off the shower floor. She doesn’t mind if you are still using the shower, though she does try to stay out of the direct spray. Then there are wet kitty paw prints everywhere.

    Love the cats. Tiggy is hilarious and Darwin is the essence of nobility. Rosy & Frida are a perfect example of just how good cats are at being comfortable and content. Louis looks like he is making a mess, but who would care when he looks that cute doing it?

  4. My cat will only drink from a glass that we leave on an end-table for her. She jumps up, stares at anyone in the room and waits for them to bring her ice cubes that she wants floating in the glass of water. She actually waits until you bring a couple of cubes before she dives in for a drink.

    It’s incredible.

  5. One of my cats only drinks from the bath tap. She jumps into the empty bath and sits there waiting for the tap to be turned on to the appropriate slender trickle. She also often puts her head under it and uses the water to wash with.

  6. What a great set of pics! Each of them captures such personality; and you can’t help but smile at the humorous ones.

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