A free nightingale ringtone

July 18, 2013 • 5:44 am

Yesterday I posted a video of a common nightingale (Luscinia megarhynchos) singing a lovely and complex song. Some readers thought it would make a nice ringtone or alarm and, sure enough, reader Cremnomaniac extracted the song as an MP3, tweaked it a bit, and made it available for 24 hours at the link below.  His post was at 8:41 pm yesterday (Wednesday), so you have until this evening to download it. Here’s his/her comment:

Here is the MP3 for anyone interested.

I will leave it open until this time tomorrow. I’ve edited it slightly to remove some of the larger silences only. It’s 39 seconds and 1.3Mb.
I must say that seeing the modulation and timings of the song in graphic form is incredible. The the patterns and precision are immediately recognizable.

I don’t know how to turn MP3s into ringtones or alarms, but I’m sure we have plenty of tech-savvy readers who can do it.

Do post below if you’re using it.

25 thoughts on “A free nightingale ringtone

  1. I’ll admit to being something of a boring old fogey.

    The only phone in my home that rings is Grandma’s old wall-mount rotary dial phone, complete with LAndscape 5-2115 as the phone number in the center of the dial. Still works great as a phone. And, by “Grandma,” I mean my own mother’s mother.

    My iPhone is set to ring to “Old Phone,” which is a not bad imitation of Grandma’s phone.

    I’ve found that anything else will get my attention, sure, but I’ll have to consciously work out that it’s a phone ringing and that maybe I should answer it.


    1. There are only 3 acceptable ringtones:

      1. Proper old phone bell.
      2. Nightingale, obviously.
      3. Rush: “Spirit Of Radio” intro riff on a loop.

      Everything else is HERESY.

      1. You realize that as soon as you posted these here, they immediately became unacceptable for anybody else. Because the very essence of a personalized ringtone is that nobody else has it.

        1. I have a ring tone created for me by my eldest son. It is a regular phone ring, to make it recognisable, overlaid with other sounds to make it unique. Perfect!

  2. Thank you very much Cremnomaniac and to Jerry for posting it on his site!

    The challenge now is for me to remember that I changed my ringtone, otherwise I’ll be thinking that there’s a bird singing nearby!

  3. It felt like I imagine Mississippi probably feels at night here in Pittsburgh last night. Languid, misty, trying to be a bit cool and almost succeeding. Thru that, two screech owls calling not that far apart but with distinctly different voices in/near my wooded back yard. Were they each trying to attract each other, or were they each trying to summon another one?

    Either way, it was way cool! I’ve heard them out there before, very occasionally, but this was the first time I’d heard such clearly distinct voices. Only wish I could have recorded it, and, seeing this post, that would have made a great ringtone, too. The spacing between their calls was about perfect for a ringtone.

    1. Yikes! On Android, you just drop your MP3s into a folder called ringtones and you’re done. No special tools or 10-step instructions needed.

  4. For Mac users, Garage Band is a great way to create ring tones. Online instructions are easy to find.

  5. There’s a serious drawback to using birdsong as a ringtone. I tried it by recording a bird that sat and sang just outside my studio window. Sure, you get the coolest ringtone ever but then every time a bird sings nearby you think it’s your damn phone ringing!

    1. Happens with other ones too, I use Cole Porter’s ‘Let’s Misbehave’ by Irving Aaronson and His Commanders which pops up on the soundtrack of the new Great Gatsby – I had a terrible panic that I hadn’t switched the damn thing off . . .

  6. Thanks a bunch Cremnomaniac and Professor Coyne! I don’t have a smart phone and barely use a cell phone, but my iPod provides falling asleep and waking up music, so I dropped it into a file 15 times and now have 10 minutes of birdsong to wake up to!

    What a website–just make a wish and it comes true! Now I’ll have to fight the urge to develop superstitious beliefs around Ceiling Cat!

  7. “Here’s his/her comment:”
    I assume you are trying to be considerate with that comment, but since I have revealed my identity here before it isn’t necessary. So that’s Mr Cremnomaniac to you. LOL.

    to make it a ring tone just sabre the mp3 to the phone. Open ring tones and use the add feature to select it. Well, it works that way on my Android.

  8. Thanks, I’ve downloaded it.

    Just pointing out that the file right now has a double extension (.mp3.mpeg) which didn’t help my software recognise the file type.

    Deleting the .mpeg from the filename did the trick.

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