Caturday felids: cat contest winners and miscellanious moggieana

June 15, 2013 • 6:16 am

First things first: at exactly 5 p.m. yesterday, closing time for the Cat Beard Contest, I took a screenshot of the final tally:

Cat beard voteTo refresh your memory, here is number 1, from a reader nicknamed, curiously enough, “Moggy”:

Cat #1

And number 4, from a reader named Pam:

Cat #4Actually, these were my favorites, too, as they were true cat beards.

Because the votes were so close between these two, and I’m a nice guy as well, I’m going to award two autographed books, one to each of these two winners. So Pam and Moggy, please email me with your contact details, and books will be on the way.

Thanks for all who entered!


Reader Michelle sent me this photo, indicating that it wasn’t a “cone of shame” (the cone doctors put around the head of cats to prevent them from licking wounds; it apparently acts as an accidental litter scoop), but a “placard of shame.” It’s truly sad, and reminds me of the Cultural Revolution when Chinese miscreants were forced to wear such signs (from Melissa Wakin at Google Plus):

Picture 3Look at that expression!


Finally, on his website, reader Nash Turley, an evolutionary biologist at the University of Toronto, writes about seeing a tuxedo cat outside his window. He lifted up his own cat, the furry Shamrock, to see the interloper, and a kerfuffle ensued. First the screenshot, then the video.  Note the malevolent expression on the tuxedo cat: who says you can’t read cat’s emotions on their faces? (see above as well):


11 thoughts on “Caturday felids: cat contest winners and miscellanious moggieana

  1. I’m glad you decided to give both of them books, because I had trouble deciding between #1 and #4.

  2. I saw my cat watch a mouse come back again and again to raid the cat food. ‘Stupid cat’
    My wife said ‘What stupid? The mice get fatter and juicier and there’s more of them.’
    Clever cat.

  3. I loved the video! Just about jumped out of my chair though and then the phone rang. I’m awake now…

  4. Re Moggieana, John Hutchinson has posted a rant about being used by and then cut from the ‘Secret Life of Cats’ show on BBC. Lots of comments over there.

  5. I was also torn between those two photos.

    In the end, I chose number four but, I have to admit, it was because she reminded me of an old friend who I remember dearly. I did not know at the time I chose her photo that her name was also Pam.

    I feel a little sad now.

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