Chicago: Four moods

June 13, 2013 • 4:42 am

Sunset, Monday (click all photos to enlarge):


Evening, Tuesday:


Last night we were predicted to have a godawful storm, with hailstones the size of ping-pong balls. Well, they closed our airports, and there was a storm, but it wasn’t nearly as fierce as predicted. Nevertheless, it offered some dramatic views and a lot of lightning.

When the storm rolled in yesterday afternoon, the skyscrapers downtown were barely visible.


This morning brought some dramatic, layered clouds:


7 thoughts on “Chicago: Four moods

  1. We got the same storm up here. Knocked out power to 20,000 homes, according to the newspaper. I was at a meeting in a park building near the lakefront. There was a 5K run for something going on. A lot of very wet runners went past, many of them with cups of beer at the end. It is a mystery to me why someone would go running during a severe thunderstorm warning but I’ve never been addicted to exercise. I might have understood if it had been good beer (a fine English ale, perhaps) but it was Miller Lite. No way to explain it.

  2. Speaking of Chicago: I detailed my wife’s car today in the heat and then took it over to have it serviced. Had a 2 hour wait, so I went for a brisk hike (had a physical yesterday and my Dr. said I’ve been eating like Prof. Coyne and need to lose some weight). After 5 miles it was time for a cold one, so I popped into a pub and ordered a Goose Island IPA (brewed in Chicago). Yum! Maybe it was because I was hot and good beer always tastes better when you’re hot & dry, but that was one fine IPA. Next I want to try their Bourbon County Stout. I’ll have to see if it is sold around here…

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