How many cats can you name?

April 17, 2013 • 5:27 pm

I am at Purdue and posting will be light as I haz talks to give.  But here, via alert reader Pyers, is a drawing from Archibald The Psychotic Housecats Den of Insanity (sic) Facebook page.

How many of these cats can you recognize (name ’em below)? I’d offer a book to the first person who got them all right, but I don’t know them all.  You’ll have to settle for a warm handshake. (Click to enlarge.)

Cats galore

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  1. did they all actually have names? I know the one near batman was the cat from Pepe le Peu, but I don’t recall her ever having a name.

    I think I know over half of them, but I’ll not saying any more.

    1. and after re-reading that, I realize how badly I need to sleep… I knew I was tired, but wow.

  2. I recognize a good number, but not all, and some I recognize but don’t know the names.

    Cheshire Cat
    Top Hat Cat(? not sure name this one)
    Itchy (or is it Scratchy?)
    Puss in Boots
    Pepe’s Love Interest (she have a name?)
    Kitten on the bulldog (does it have a name?)
    Hello Kitty (doll)
    A couple from Disney that I don’t know the names

    I’ve seen the orange one looking out the window, and the one vegging on the back of the couch, but can’t name either.

    The orange one playing with the yarn, as well as the grey one holding the hello kitty doll are tickling my memory, but can’t place them.

    I’m not sure who the purple one with electronics, the floating white one (Krypton have a feline counterpart?), or the one staring at batman are.

        1. Ah…
          “In the UK, the show was first aired on BBC television (now called BBC One) but renamed Boss Cat shortly after it premiered in 1962 because Top Cat was also the name of a then-popular British brand of cat food.”

  3. I only recognize a few: Garfield, Felix, Tom, Bill the Cat (Bloom County), Itchy (the cartoon on the Simpsons), Sylvester, Bucky (from Get Fuzzy), Penelope Pussycat (chased by Pepe le Pew, and I don’t know if the cat in the lower left is supposed to be Heathcliff.

    1. Thnaks for finding out that. I couldn’t find the original and I would have liked to give a correct attribution.

  4. yeah, I was wonder where hobbes, tigger, and hello kitty were…

    Is that Azrael (sp?) from the Smurfs near the window getting in a fight?

  5. I don’t see Itchy anywhere in the cartoon. I do see the Simpsons’ cat Snowball II scratching the couch. Or it could be Snowball V, they look exactly the same.

      1. I call shenanigans on Itchy being there. If you squint, the outline sort of matches, but Itchy has never been depicted sleeping like a cat, and his tongue isn’t sticking out. It’s a stretch, and a lame one, if that’s what the artist intended.

          1. I concede it is Itchy. The pose threw me the first time, too. But it isn’t Itchy, it’s Scratchy. Itchy is the mouse. So I was wrong on two counts.

            So much for knowing my Simpsons trivia.

    1. I always thought “Snowball II” was quite a funny gag, for the name of a dark-colored cat. You can just picture the previous white cat.

      As a bonus, Lisa’s poem:
      I had a cat named Snowball.
      She died, she died!
      Mom said she was sleeping.
      She lied, she lied!
      Why oh why is my cat dead?
      Couldn’t that Chrysler hit me instead?
      I had a hamster named Snuffy.
      He died.

  6. Wow, Horse the mean looking spotty cat on top of the scratching post is so obscure. Then I see the artist is an Ausie. Cool.

  7. The grey cat in front of Simon’s cat sleeping in the red cushion…is that Tom in Tom in Jerry? You could see a broken mouse near its face

  8. I see from Top counter-clockwise:
    The Cheshire Cat
    Bill the Cat
    Felix the Cat
    Top Cat
    Snowball II
    Puss in Boots
    Tom from “Tom & Jerry”
    Simon’s Cat

    I recognize the cat on the back of the sofa, but do not know it’s name.

    As I was scolling down I saw the comment about the cat from “Pepe le Pew”, which I hadn’t noticed before, so it doesn’t count. Her name is Penelope Pussycat, though (“Come back, ma cherie!”).

    And is the stuffed cat on the scratching post supposed to be Hobbes?

    Now to look at the rest of the responses.

    1. Ah, per the artist, it is not Hobbes. Sad to say, as a Disney fan, I can never keep the cats straight. All good fun.

  9. Nowhere close to getting them all, but, without looking at everyone else’s comments: Garfield, Nermal (Garfield’s sidekick, not sure if that’s exactly right), Hobbes, Sylvester, Tom, Bill the Cat, Cheshire, Simon’s Cat, Scratchy, Fifi and, of course, Cat Woman… I think that’s as far as I can get.

  10. Ack! Pthttt! It’s Bill!

    Wow – some looks familiar but it was so long ago that I forget their names. Well, at least I still remember Top Cat. Matt Groening has 2 cats in there – snowball from The Simpsons and one whose name I can’t remember from Life is Hell.

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