Heeeeeere’s Jerry

March 8, 2013 • 1:35 pm

This picture of Chicago was tweeted from the International Space Station by Commander Chris Hadfield. (Tweets from space!). It shows Chicago from space orbit (click to enlarge), and was taken yesterday. Hadfield’s note:

Chicago on a clear winter’s day, ice on the shore, busy O’Hare airport visible from orbit.

Picture 1

O’Hare is obvious, about halfway up from the center on a line bisecting the photo vertically. I’ve added a red arrow to show you where I am (I think!).

h/t: Matthew Cobb

14 thoughts on “Heeeeeere’s Jerry

  1. I think the arrow should be a hair to the left. That white egg shape a little to the west is Washington Park. You cannot make out Promontory Point. Too much ice around it.

    1. Upon closer examination, you can make out the Point in the sea of ice – just a little to the right of the tip of the arrow.

      1. I think Jerry is talking about his own place, which is indeed roughly east of U of C and west of the Point.

  2. When I was a boy many years ago, I got a postcard from a cousin who was in Chicago. The postcard said “Chicago – The Windy City” and I always thought that arctic winds were part and parcel of the city.

    In 1996 I visited Chicago and it was in the middle of a heat wave. No breeze at all to cool you. We bought ice-creams, we sun-bathed in a park and it was a heap of sweat most of the time.

    Yet, when Jerry mentions Chicago I still find it a wintery place, a Windy City.

  3. Images like cause me pain. They serve should serve to remind us of the degree to which we have obliterated ecosystems across our planet.
    Most people just take it as status-quo because that’s all they know. Most never stop to consider what was, and what has been lost.
    All due to man’s presence, and it continues at an ever increasing rate.
    Disgusting actually.

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