Habemus Papam! (and a correction from the NYT)

February 14, 2013 • 4:41 am

Ceiling Cat has spoken. Ladies and gentlemen, the new Pope—Felis I.

I suspect his first statement ex cathedra will be that salvation requires Cat-licks to eat fish EVERY day.

Picture 1

And a correction that just appeared at the bottom of the New York Time’s article on using cat videos to sell litter-box products:

Screen shot 2013-02-14 at 5.37.00 AM

Now THAT is dreadful reporting!  Mamu??

h/t: Bonzodog. Greg Mayer

19 thoughts on “Habemus Papam! (and a correction from the NYT)

  1. Sorry, but there has already been a Pope Felix I – and he was a human, not a cat. He reigned from 269 to 274 AD. There was also a Pope Felix II (in 355) – but the Catholic Church classifies him as an “antipope”, so he probably doesn’t count. Then there was a Pope Felix III in the fifth century, a Pope Felix IV in the sixth century, and another antipope, Felix V, who reigned from 1439 to 1449. So I’m afraid your cat will have to make do with the title Felix VI.

    1. Well the number 6 is getting close to the famous 666 with all its devilish connotations. So entirely appropriate for our choice of Pope – Felix VI.

      (6 is also my favourite number, by coincidence. One of my laptops is named Six – after Caprica Six, of course…)

  2. What about Silvio I for the next pope. He definitely has all the skills, and he wouldn’t be the first lay pope.

  3. Felis felix: “fortunate cat” or “fecund cat”, as felix seems, according to Caswell’s Latin dictionary to be associated with fruitfulness, as in the phrase Arabia Felix.

    Note that in Latin the normal order is noun first, then adjective.

    Annus felis felicis, the year of the fruit cat.

    Those with less rusty Latin than mine may wish to correct me.

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