20 thoughts on “A cat with eyebrows

  1. I would’ve named him(her?) Groucho in a heartbeat.

    (we already have a pair of orange tabby twins Fred & George, one of which is a girl)

        1. Thanks for posing the link to your cat pics. They are adorable, and that photo album may just be the fodder I need to justify another cat to my wife!

  2. awww, he looks sad 🙁 I think the ears really help to make him look annoyed/sad in the first pic. That’s a sign of a pissed off cat.

    1. Ironically the only photo with ‘happy ears’ is the one I would think was the least pleasant, the last one.
      Of course it also looks like it was shot a few feet further away, so maybe in the first two the cat is reacting negatively to having a camera in its face.

  3. THOSE aren’t eye-brows…those are HORNS!!!
    (While still a kitten, my wife’s dearest white cat had faint- but distinct `horns’ of grey fur on his forehead. They faded and he became the sweetest, most-devoted cat I’ve ever known).

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