Science fair!

January 23, 2013 • 1:29 pm

A cool experiment from one of the 31 too-clever kids on BuzzFeed (original at Flickr). Tomorrow I’ll tell you about another cool science experiment that I did with my cat.

A few errors here, including equating the music cats like with what puts cats to sleep.  There was no “silence” control, which would have demonstrated that cats sleep no matter what’s going on.

Plus they didn’t try Yanni.

Picture 2

23 thoughts on “Science fair!

  1. One of my friends had some cats that loved classical and would hide when the punk rock came on. They were replaced by the other one that hated classical and hid from it and came out for some Devo.

    Cats have varied tastes

    1. Yes but which DEVO? early would be cool, but later – as with most bands – naff! (Yes I am an inverted snob).

  2. Ah, the scientific method in it all it’s vigour. Sweet!
    In other news : “never act with children or animals” rule extends it’s domain.

    1. A family friend was in Turkey for the 1999-08-11 total solar eclipse, and was still there for the Izmit (spelling?) earthquake about a week later. She slept through it.
      So when I heard about a (minor) earthquake (M~=2.9) last week near our home town, my first thought was “did Mary sleep through that one too?” Enquiries have been made, but no response received.

    1. Yes, they are pretty alert for food sounds.

      My cousin had to stop eating canned tuna fish because every time his cat (who didn’t have the best temper to begin with) heard the can opener, he’d come running and then get really upset it wasn’t cat food.

  3. As a science fair chair, I can say that we generally frown upon experiments involving animals, unless in a solely observational role.
    Having said that, our ethics committee would probably OK this experiment, after carefully studying the protocol. We don’y want to penalise a kid who designed and executed a good experiment.

  4. I hope they cited my science fair project where I compared the behavior of mice exposed to The Nutcracker Suite, Huey Lewis and the News and some now-forgotten Christian music.

  5. Most impressive is that the results of the study were published despite a non-statistically significant conclusion!

  6. My brother practicing the violin had a fairly profound effect on the family cat. He would sit at my bro’s feet looking up, sometimes meow and try to climb his leg (that was unusual for this cat). I suspect it was more the frequencies than the melody though.

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