CatNews 1: Kittens are sprung!

January 16, 2013 • 5:11 am

At the risk of making this a purely cat-related website (I didn’t know Matthew was going to post The Argument for Ceiling Cat from Hot Beverages this morning), I have three cat posts in a row. But then we’ll get on to marsupials.

First, over at KittenCam, Ripley and her kittens have now been removed from the cage and are running around in a room full of toys. Or, in most cases, sleeping (see below). Maximum cuteness is about to ensue.  Here’s a screenshot:

Picture 2

There’s also a reccording of the first 30 minutes of freedom below the livestream. It’s interesting to see how timorous the kittens are about leaving their cage.

5 thoughts on “CatNews 1: Kittens are sprung!

  1. If you watch them in the evening hours, they are more active. Last nite about 9-11pm CST they were going bonkers.

  2. It looked to me as if it was the step down out of the cage that made them uncertain. I don’t think they had encountered uneven surface like that before and weren’t entirely sure how to negotiate it. As it was, Ash exited the cage by doing a faceplant and somersault.

    1. I noticed the same thing. It might be better for young kittens like these to be in a space with irregular floor levels, to encourage proper development of stereoscopic vision.

      Or at least have things they can climb up on.

      Indeed, with all respect to the foster parents, the kittens’ environment may be too uniform: all white, no up-and-down, etc.

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