5 thoughts on “Kittens at the milk bar

  1. I saw one of the commenters refer to Ash as “Ashzilla”, which I thought was a bit hurtful for a sensitive little kitten. Then again, I saw her move in for a nom once and the whole pack of them, including Ripley, recoiled from the impact…

  2. John is going to let them out of the cage into the large enclosure with climbing toys in a few days, so soon even more adorableness will ensue.

  3. They are all adorable. I’ve seen one already climbing, attempting to get out of the cage. He had to be returned twice by someone outside in a couple of minutes tonight. Also if you’re on a tight data budget, keep your visits short. I’ve just blown my month’s budget at my cheaper provider watching kittens and it’s barely half=way through the month.

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