Caturday felid: Moggie caught smuggling contraband into jail

January 12, 2013 • 6:15 am

It’s not the cat’s fault, for cats are neither moral nor immoral; just solipsistic. And of course you can’t train them to do anything correctly.

According to the Guardian, a hapless moggie was used in a smuggling scheme in Brazil, but was apprehended before delivery of the loot:

Prison guards caught a cat carrying a mobile phone and a saw trying to walk through prison gates in north-east Brazil, it has emerged.

The guards saw the white cat walking towards them with tape wrapped around its back and stomach. When they looked closer they saw the cat was also carrying drills, an earphone, a memory card, batteries and a phone charger.

All 263 detainees in the prison of Arapiraca, a city of 215,000 people in the state of Alagoas, are considered suspects in the plot, which is being investigated by local police.

“It’s tough to find out who’s responsible for the action as the cat doesn’t speak,” a prison official told local paper Estado de S Paulo.

The cat was taken to an animal disease centre to receive medical care. The incident took place on New Year’s Day but was first reported by national media on Saturday.

Now who would think that a cat could find the right person in prison?

Here’s a video of the cat being disarmed.  Note that it is not “white,” but black and white—a tuxedo cat.  The Guardian (and the BBC in the video below) has abjured journalistic accuracy. Can’t they see the cat?

I like the last line uttered by an official: “It’s tough to find out who’s responsible for the action, as the cat doesn’t speak.”

Here’s the loot it was carrying. The drillbits I can understand, but are those wooden nail files? What use would they be in prison?


Dave Letter man did a “Top Ten,” based on this incident, and you can watch the video on the CBS site: “The top ten signs your cat is up to no good.”  A screenshot:

Picture 1

h/t: Matthew Cobb, Reginald Selkirk, Ginger K.

27 thoughts on “Caturday felid: Moggie caught smuggling contraband into jail

        1. Yep, I can guarantee they are hacksaw blades, and they’re actually pretty strong ones, as I recently bought a pair of that exact same brand and type. While I don’t think they’d stand much chance against metal (not that it matters, considering our jails here in Brazil), they’re definitely a good weapon.

  1. I don’t think those a wooden nail files, I think they are metal files. They are used for sharpening the ends of toothbrushes to make improvised stabbing weapons.

    1. The files themselves can be sharpened when they’ve dulled and they make great stabbing weapons too. I guess the advantage of a toothbrush handle is that it doesn’t trip the metal detector.

  2. I feel very sorry for the cat…..the knife blade was very close to causing a surgery & I know the removal of duct tape had to hurt….

  3. “It’s tough to find out who’s responsible for the action, as the cat doesn’t speak.”

    Have they tried waterboarding the cat?

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