74 thoughts on “The Argument from Pullet Tectonics

  1. I think that’s (was) Mercator Projection. If you look at the size of Greenland, down around the, umm, egg-laying area.
    It’s got huge wattles, South America was obviously a problem.

    But I love the concept!

  2. Come on, when you post something get your spelling right. “How comes the world fits….” Why does the word come have an s on the end?

  3. The next supercontinent, Hengea? So The gods designed the world for chickens after all, and not for us silly bipedal monkeys. It all makes sense now. Goodbye and thanks for all the corn?

    1. That’s not climate change, the extra heat is caused by all the bush fires.



    2. And the 2012 US heat extreme topped the rest with ~ 0.5 degC, ten times as much as earlier heat extremes has managed to beat the rest.

      Now it will be *extremely* interesting to see if El Ninà disappears next year and the global warming shows up unmasked.

    3. Climate change is real, but a temporary period of record-setting heat is not proof of it, any more than a temporary period of record-setting cold is proof against it.

      1. You may want to read up on that.

        It used to be the case, but late -11 they started to talk about attributing regional events because the signal is now so strong. And -12 they started to do it.

        One typical local AGW signal is the hot extremes, the envelope that basically trend as the signal does.

        They can’t tell until afterwards, and still many extremes like regional flooding is biz as usual. But this wave may become evidence for AGW (or it already is but I missed it).

        Since it is an extreme extreme, see above, I’m considering a slam dunk.

        1. A single weather event, even a record-breaking one, is not even evidence of climate change, let alone proof of climate change. The only way we know the climate is changing is from the long-term record of temperature changes and other climate-related changes.

          1. You are not up with it. As the previous posted stated, an extreme extreme is a direct indicator. In the example given the previous record was a run of 4 days with national average temperature >39c. This has occured only once? A run of 3 days has ocurred only twice. Presently we have run of 6 days and counting.

          2. As the previous posted stated, an extreme extreme is a direct indicator.

            No it isn’t. An extreme (or an “extreme extreme”) is just a data point. The only real evidence of climate change is the long-term trend. And the original comment didn’t suggest that the recent extreme temperatures were merely an “indicator,” but that they removed any doubt.

  4. The world is my rooster.

    So many plate-itudes. But sorry, no egg run on the absence of gods.

  5. Reblogged this on Genesisfix's Blog and commented:
    I absolutely love this graphic, and the tease that goes with it. A cock tease as it were. Unless it really is a chicken. But either way, God don’t make no junk. I can’ t figure out though if “Checkmate Atheists” is a threat or a claim of victory. What’s your opinion?

    1. I can’t recall if a pullet is female, but it is most certainly a juvenile bird and wouldn’t have that cock’s comb.

  6. Oh Boy, this is going to screw up Texas textbooks. One more alternate theory to include in the science section.
    Earth was created:

    A. developed over millions of years out of the dust and gas surrounding the sun when it was a young star.

    B. Earth was created by an all-powerful being who also created the entire universe.

    C. Chinese believe that in the beginning heaven and Earth were as one. The universe was a big black egg that carried a God, Pan-Gu, inside itself.

    D.According to the Mayans, there were two people, Tepeu and Gucumatz. They would sit around and think about things and then those things would exist. They thought up the mountains, the earth, the oceans, the sky and the animals and once they did they appeared.

    And the latest, E. The Earth was actually a chicken that went to pieces and formed the continents.

    This is of course just a few of the alternative theories that Texas school board considers in science text books. I really think the Chinese were on to something.

  7. If this image shows up on my toast tomorrow or in a cloud formation, tree knot or beer suds…I’m gonna have to seriously consider giving up eggs for breakfast.

  8. Note that Australia appears to be connected to Chickengaea’s brain.

    Those marsupials were onto something. Not implying anything, just saying. . .

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