13 thoughts on “I can haz subskripshun, plz?

    1. Sure, it’s been posted before but many of us have the attention span of a cat so we didn’t notice until you mentioned it.

    1. Oh, stop obfuscating the issue with facts! 😉

      In which case, I am compelled to re-post my suggested article for this journal, “An introduction to quantum felid theory” … 


    1. Quite. We just got a brother-sister act, 13 weeks, Taz and Maggie. Within 3 days they have taken over the house, and we’re doing everything they want. Wait till they meet Charlie, our 15 yr-old Westie!

    2. Cats don’t have owners.

      That’s a line I intend using in an eulogy next week. Well, the concept, if not the exact line.

  1. Not a cat fan* but that certainly made me lolz into my bowl of Quisp this morning.


    *(Lashes self 10 times for lack of felid appreciation, as per WEIT code of conduct).

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