Most important cats of 2012

December 31, 2012 • 6:23 am

Today I’ll present a few year-end summaries of various matters, but of course the most important involves our friend the felid. Here’s a selection from BuzzFeed‘s: “The 30 most important cats of 2012.

Many of our friends are at the site, like Venus the chimera cat and the sad Tard, but here are a few that you might not know. Do go over and see them all, though, for there are some good ones, like the cat mother nursing a passel of baby hedghogs. that I haven’t space to show.

Republican cat:

Boat cat

The cat from hell: Alarm Clock Cat.  If you have a cat, you’ve experienced this on a lower level:

Girlfriend cat:

Girlfriend cat

Captain Jenkins, piloting his box:


A drunken man singing Seal’s “Kiss From a Rose” to his cat:

Colonel Meow, the furriest cat alive:

Col Meow

And, of course, we can’t leave out the dolorous Henri. Here’s his prizewinning “Paw de deux”:

But my favorite of all, which I forgot to highlight this year, is a series of photographs (also at Buzzfeed) documenting the loving relationship between an 88-year-old Japanese grandmother and her odd-eyed white cat. The photos are by Miyoko Ihara, and they’ve been made into a book, Misao the Big Mama and Fukumaru the Cat, which you can buy online. It’s a great present for ailurophiles.  Here are a few from the BuzzFeed site; the whole series on that site will, if you’re a softy like me, warm your heart. And there are many more pictures than the five I’ve shown:

Young Fukumaru





h/t: Grania

5 thoughts on “Most important cats of 2012

  1. Many years ago I had a cat just like that, pure white and odd eyes. Her sister was identical, but without the one blue eye. I was told they were quarter Siamese, which explained the one blue eye out of four. Sadly, she died under the anaesthetic for her spaying.

    Interesting bath. Is that an oriental therapy, or just a way of washing the fruit and body at the same time?

  2. Henri 2…. Brilliant! My cat looked very dramatic when we were watching lord of the rings today. Something about the music and the atmosphere. Might consider doing a video for her :p

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