Amazing photo: Soyuz approaches the International Space Station

The Russian-built Soyuz spacecraft is on a mission (it began Dec. 19) to visit the International Space Station and do experiments (read about it here).  This stunning picture comes fr0m today’s Twitter feed of Commander Chris Hadfield—a tweet from space! The caption:

Earth, Moon and Soyuz: Kevin Ford took this picture as we approached Station last week. Science fiction into fact.



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      … too much sangria… /@

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        I agree…sangria in excessive quantities is too much sugar for my taste…not that I’d turn down a modest glass, mind you….


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          At this time of year glühwein is my sweetened tipple of choice.

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            For Christmas, Mom & Dad got a bottle of apple juice (the expensive kind, organic and unfiltered and all), added some beer brewer’s yeast, let it sit for a week or so, and then warmed it with some spices and an orange slice and the like. Quite nice!


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            Unfortunately (or not), they didn’t have glühwein on the menu at Ortega!

            Hmm… I think I shall have some umeshu now… 


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    Great. Now I have The Blue Danube for an earworm.

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    Now that’s awe inspiring!

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    That’s the blue dot that Carl Sagan talked about. A dot that is the size of a dot in a universe that is a dot in perhaps a dot of many other universes. Yet we talk of some candy land that we have never seen that promeses us a better life when we shuffle off this mortal coil. Some vacuum of faith by evangelist who keep telling us that god needs money.remember the great poet who said: That it won’t come again is what makes life so sweet.

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    Either his camera’s white-balance has got messed up by something … or there was something else going on at the time. I haven’t seen the Moon appear that colour since an early-90s lunar eclipse not long after Pinatubo went “pop”.
    I’d go for the white-balance myself. But the submitted picture has been de-EXIF’d so there’s no data there.

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