“Have you ever had to kill one?”: Doonesbury continues the War on Christmas

December 30, 2012 • 5:22 am

Here are the preceding several day’s worth of Doonesbury strips by Garry Trudeau, satirizing Fox News’s coverage of “the war on Christmas”.  I think this sequence is over, as Trudeau has started another story.


Doonesbury Thur


Doonesbury Fri


Doonesbury Sat

8 thoughts on ““Have you ever had to kill one?”: Doonesbury continues the War on Christmas

  1. Speaking of Christmas and Easter…I find it quite telling how perverted Christians are for mixing the two up.

    You see, if Christianity wasn’t so demented, they’d celebrate Jesus’s birth in the Spring when everything else is also being born — crops are sprouting, lambs and bunnies are being born, and all the rest. Instead, that’s when they celebrate Jesus’s death.

    The death and resurrection should have just happened, when the Sun died, laid low in its grave (in the sky) for three days, and the arose from the grave and is right now beginning its glorious ascension back to the Heavens. And they think that’s something for babies?

    You want my opinion? The real wars on Christmas and Easter were when the Christians themselves turned everything umop-apisdn.

    …and today’s musical selection is by Richard Strauss, op. 24, Tod und Verklärung.



      1. Thanks.

        I’ll take credit for having realized the dichotomy on my own, but I’m certain I’m far from the first person to do so. The parallels between Christian and Pagan celebrations of the seasons are very well-trod ground, and I simply can’t be the first to have noticed that the Christians swapped the two most important ones or wondered how anybody could be so perverted as to do such a thing.

        I mean, take the archetypal Christian parodies of Paganism, with upside-down crosses and blood sacrifice and everything else bass-ackwards. That’s exactly what Christianity actually is!


        1. Of course, it’s all a very northern hemisphere thing in any case! It all seemed very random to me when I was growing up in Australia. My parents tell me that one of my first properly expressed questions was why the hands of a clock moved in the opposite direction to the sun. All of these northern hemisphere customs that just don’t make sense Japun-umop!

  2. What I am reminded of by the US “war on xmas” is that the emptiness of the “war” idea and its immoral devaluation of real war atrocities is a revealing simile of the emptiness of the “gods” idea and its today* immoral devaluation of real world explanations such as science.

    [* Religious views worked by yesterday’s standard, but that was yesterday. Today we have higher quality on what constitute explanation.]

    So – no one taking a hit for yule? Shouldn’t they at least throw themselves on the grenades of fact denouncing the historicity of religious icons or put up blast walls against the cluster fucks of stealing holidays from other sources?

    1. The christians have been asking if I had a merry christmas, my response is that I had a great solstice day hoping that they’ll comment on their war on christmas. I’m wanting to tell them that the original intent of the mid-winter celebration was doubtless concerned with the sun’s apparent movement in the sky but, none of the christians have challenged me yet. 🙁

  3. Hypothesis: a lot of churchgoers are only involved for the social aspects and their actual belief is very shallow – though it includes parroting the lies spewed from the pulpits.

    If someone established a chain of social clubs, carefully organized to provide the same satisfactions that the social side of church going provides, church going and the concomitant “belief” would lessen.

    Homework assignment: discuss and criticize this hypothesis and suggestion.

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