46 thoughts on “Friday footwear

    1. Depends on how you’re classifying them.

      They’re in the Animalia kingdom — as are all vertebrates and invertebrates. You’re much more closely related to a shark than an octopus or a dragonfly or an earthworm.

      But if it’s a culinary classification you’re using, then they’re seafood, not meat.

      Similarly, a botanist will tell you that cucumbers are fruits, while the chef will tell you that they’re vegetables.



      1. Thanks Ben, saved me looking up the classification.

        As someone who has colour deficient vision, I was too busy trying to see the number on the boots – please tell me there isn’t one.

  1. The guy who said shagreen got it right, since the common usage includes stingray as well as shark, though apparently originally comes from the Arabic for “rump of an ass”. The same as the french for “pissed off”: chagrin. I too thought it was shark, because I once worked in a medical museum which had loads of medical instrument sets with shagreen covering, just like the boots in the photo

  2. Ray or Stingray! An expensive skin. Often used in decorative Art Deco objects. You’ve got a lovely collection of boots!!!

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