15 thoughts on “Fog, Lake Michigan

      1. Do tell us when you take the plunge… come to think of it, I dare you to take a plunge in the lake this week!

    1. Scrap merchants used to burn tires in the open air.

      On that night, the yellow smog crept into the theaters. The audience couldn’t see the stage.

  1. That’s not fog. I can see buildings there that look like they’re at least half a mile away.

    That’s barely a light mist…..

  2. Nice, and the dust removal is critical here of course. Very moody. Love it. Keep making photos!

    I recommend the following book: The Passionate Photographer by Steve Simon

    Excellent book.

    Others I’ve found particularly useful:

    Mountain Light by Galen Rowell

    Photography and the Art of Seeing: A Visual Perception Workshop by Freeman Patterson

    The Great Life Photographers by Editors of Life

    Examples: The Making of 40 Photographs by Ansel Adams

    The Camera
    The Negative
    The Print
    also by Ansel Adams This series is so loaded with important information on making good photos. It’s heavily leaned towards B&W film photography with view cameras but nevertheless very useful for any photographer. Not for beginners though.

    1. I’ve toyed with the thought of approaching the local very small satellite campus of the Maricopa Community College system to see if they’d like me to teach an introduction to photography course. If I do, the textbooks will be those three from Adams.


      1. Yes, I really think that they are the best avaiable — still, which really says something about Adams’ photographic method and vision, his writing ability, and his teaching ability.

        They are kind of spendy but appear to still be in print as paperbacks (for much less money that the HBs, which I have.)

        Seems to me you’d be an excellent teacher — I hope you and they go for it (assuming you have time to do it! I can’t imagine … I already have 1 day job and a evening/weekend job/avocation.)

        1. Thanks for the kind words!

          Yes, I’ve got the paperbacks, and they’re much more reasonably priced.

          There’s not much chance of me looking for a teaching gig this coming year…but I’m rather hoping to have cleared out enough of the rest of the stuff on my plate by this time next year to seriously consider such a thing.



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