23 thoughts on “Fermat’s last kitten

  1. Well, the good news is that it won’t be long before the kitten wakes up and gets off the book.

    The bad news is that the kitten will then be in need of some combination of play-time, belly rubs, and fudz, so you sill won’t get a chance to finish the work.

    I think you might have to wait several months for at least some of the kittenhood wears off and you have a chance at being productive again.


    1. Srsly?

      I think this is just a warmup for things to come.

      My office kitteh, Silky, is almost ten (an estimate courtesy of my vet). She showed up on my doorstep one day at approximately a year old, so I’ve had her nine years. She has perfected the art of sitting on whatever work I have out at the moment, whether it’s on my desk blotter or sitting on my keyboard if that works better.

      She’s even developed a way to sit on my Kindle if I’m reading.

      She’s not the first, either. L

      1. Well, you just haven’t properly negotiated things with Silky, then! Of course, by now, it’s probably too late.

        Baihu also regularly positions himself right in front of me. The deal is that he’ll get full attention for a minute or three, and then he gets transferred to my shoulders where he’s welcome to stay as long as he likes. Indeed, I just had to transfer him there after typing that last sentence and before typing this one.

        Of course, between the kneading and balancing and launching my shoulders are perpetually scratched up…but I actually get stuff done!



  2. Adorable.

    Clearly kittens have affected the pathway of science numerous times. For a little known positive example, the kitten that dropped out of a tree onto Newton was the eponymous Apple.

    [Or so says my cat history books. I should know, I wrote them myself.]

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