21 thoughts on “Because I can. . .

      1. Sounds very sophisticated — like a Camembert or a Gruyère. But that can’t be so, because it’s a cheap Wonder Bread bun!

        Something’s just not adding up here….


        1. I’m no theologian, but it looks like Burger King, therefore not a real cheeseburger. A pale imitation; a false cheezburger, if you will. So teh interwebs should be safe… For now.

          1. it’s immaterial cheese made out of divine quantum stuff that is beyond your understanding–

  1. Burger looks a little plain. Surely the cat would have ordered an Angus Bacon & Cheese. At least. I am unconvinced.

        1. Ahem.

          Everything in moderation. A guacamole bacon cheeseburger can be a wonderful treat, but probably no more than a couple times a year. And it’s the king-sized soda that’ll do more to your waistline than the burger itself.

          And, for the record, my BMI is in the normal range, even though I could stand to shed a few pounds.


  2. In the interests of social justice I feel that we are hardly justified in calling the game and going home, until all cats of all colours, patterns social class and degrees of ennui have a cheese-burger.

  3. Five or six award winning kitteh videos …


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