21 thoughts on “Because I can. . .

      1. Sounds very sophisticated — like a Camembert or a Gruyère. But that can’t be so, because it’s a cheap Wonder Bread bun!

        Something’s just not adding up here….


        1. I’m no theologian, but it looks like Burger King, therefore not a real cheeseburger. A pale imitation; a false cheezburger, if you will. So teh interwebs should be safe… For now.

  1. Burger looks a little plain. Surely the cat would have ordered an Angus Bacon & Cheese. At least. I am unconvinced.

        1. Ahem.

          Everything in moderation. A guacamole bacon cheeseburger can be a wonderful treat, but probably no more than a couple times a year. And it’s the king-sized soda that’ll do more to your waistline than the burger itself.

          And, for the record, my BMI is in the normal range, even though I could stand to shed a few pounds.


  2. In the interests of social justice I feel that we are hardly justified in calling the game and going home, until all cats of all colours, patterns social class and degrees of ennui have a cheese-burger.

  3. Five or six award winning kitteh videos …


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