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November 6, 2012 • 5:54 pm

A big final day for me in Mexico: I managed to tick off everything on my itinerary, including a visit to Trotsky’s house, Frida Kahlo’s house (very moving), a wander around the lovely area of Coyoacán, a lot of walking, and a visit to two buildings containing murals by Diego Rivera and Jose Orozco. I’ll post a few pictures of these tomorrow a.m. before I fly back to Chicago. In the meantime, here are two photos for this evening (click to enlarge):

Self-portrait in Frida Kahlo’s studio (excuse the solipsism; there will be a lot more on Kahlo later). To the right are her paints and brushes, to the left one of the plaster corsets she wore because of her back troubles, and which she decorated after it was removed.

Frames, Antiguo Colegio de San Ildefonso:

21 thoughts on “Two photos

  1. Please post photos of the Trotsky house. There was a pretty good film staring Richard Burton entitled The Assassination of Trotsky.

  2. Love the “Rear Window” 2nd picture ~ viewing the activities of others who are unaware of each other. Is that long rectangular image achieved via some sort of panorama software on your camera that stitches pics together or perhaps you’ve cropped it on your Mac?

    1. No, it’s one frame; I just cropped the edges and knew I’d have to do it when I took the photo. In general I’m opposed to cropping, but had to in this case!

    1. I would recommend it highly; just get a hotel near the Zocalo, the central plaza, and you’ll be near everything. The subway (3 pesos) is convenient and goes everywhere you’d need to go.

  3. How do those stone buildings survive Mexico City’s earthquakes? My understanding was that much of the ground liquifies easily, and some modern buildings are actually like ships, with ballast chambers that can be filled and emptied of water to keep the buildings level.

    1. the Mexico City Government is always concerned about it and after years we have changed the foundations in the very important buildings, other that were not important were demolished. And the construction regulation in the city oblies you to have deep foundations system, columns of concrete and steel that goes from the surface to the solid layer.

    1. It’s a fantastic city and I was sorry to leave. I hope to return some day! Thanks for the hospitality.

    1. Nope. My recipe is not to drink untreated water or eat dubious street food. But when there’s a line of Mexicans in front of a taco stand or stall, go for it!

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