18 thoughts on “Self portrait

  1. JC – I understand that there is a bit of pushback re the nackte Männer – not so much the giant fellow out front of the Leopold but the posters of the three athletes that one would see all around town.

  2. So, we see that Jerry has such a…ah…fertile mind, that it even sprouts flowers!

    I like the idea.

    That camera tends to underexpose, and I’d like this shot to be a fair bit brighter. I’d also crop a bit differently (not as aggressively) and straighten it out a bit (there’s some keystoning going on).

    Jerry, if you’ve got the original out of the camera (assuming that’s not what you posted) and want to email it to me, I can see what I can do in Photoshop….



  3. I think this is a really good photograph; it’s well composed and seems to tell a story. What story? That’s for every observer to figure out. Perhaps the elements are symbols. Or not. You look at it more closely, and think about it.


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