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  1. While I knew that Dr. Coyne would find this myth as satisfyingly mythical as any other (that’s why I sent it to him), I’m intrigued by what is apparently the most important principle of the Church of Danae, since it is inscribed on the front of her pulpit, as well as by her proclamation.

    “Shut the expletive up, or fry forever.” A pretty good précis of the religion of the vast majority of the religionists I know.

  2. Oh MY…the stage is now set for warfare to break out between the followers of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster and the faithful of the Church of Ceiling-Cat: Pastafarians vs. Furballarians — things could get messy!

    Since paper covers rock, and rock breaks scissors, and scissors cut paper, but cats EAT meatballs, I predict that Furballarians will have the edge…

  3. My fridge magnet says “Thousands of years ago cats were worshipped as gods. Cats have never forgotten this.”

    Has anyone ever compiled a book “Creation Myths of Mankind”? IIRC, some such myths are really weird, others quite raunchy.

    A companion volume “Deities of Mankind” would also be handy, as would be “Virgin Birth and Expiatory Death Myths of Mankind.”

  4. The hairball must’ve included some hummingbird feathers:

    Ceiling Owl is not pleased. The Owl creation myth clearly states that the earth was made from an owl pellet. Its bones became the earth’s first inhabitants. Ceiling Owl traded one of Her eyes to the Great Naga (dragon/serpent deity that lives in the earth’s core). The eye became the earth’s waters, so the bones in the pellet would come to life and have water to live on, and the ocular ring bone became the Moon.

    Children of Owl, do not be led astray by catlings!

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