Two stunning photos

October 12, 2012 • 6:47 am

by Matthew Cobb

I spotted these on the Milky Way Scientists Facebook page. Absolutely stunning. The first – an owl in flight – did not have any credit that I could see, beyond “Taken with Phantom High Speed Camera (V711)”. WEIT readers – who can ID da boid? The second photo is equally anonymous but is captioned “Big Headed Caterpillar of Phyllodes imperialis” – this is the Imperial Fruit-Sucking Moth, which is found in Australia, Papua New Guinea and New Caledonia. Photographers, own up to your genius!


20 thoughts on “Two stunning photos

    1. Da. We have them in the wild here in interior Alaska; I photographed one early this summer, though not nearly as successfully.

      Phantoms aren’t exactly amateur cameras, this is probably from a professional or research effort.

  1. There should be a horror movie called “Empire of the Fruit-Suckers” with that thing’s head on the poster.

  2. A really good birder friend,David Ladd, from here in Maine said re the owl:

    “If it’s from this country I’d say Great gray owl.”

  3. Very cool to see how the head aligns vs. the body when in flight. Since they’re largely nocturnal, is this shot likely taken with a strobe activated by a photocell, placed in some frequent flyway?

    And wasn’t a DC Comics character based on that caterpillar?

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