11 thoughts on “Darwin is alive!

  1. The beard clearly offers an environmental or sexual benefit. The ponderous brooding look must have the effect of conserving precious metabolic energy. I think we’re seeing a third form of natural selection here, awesomeness selection.

    Since he’s unlikely to be a direct descendent, this must be a case of horizontal gene transfer. Perhaps a retrovirus? Will there be more Homo sapiens darwinius popping up?

    1. Todd,

      I think by Neo-Darwinism he was referring to the synthesis that occured some time in the early or first half of the 1900’s. It has to do with combining of the ideas of natural selection (as explained by Darwin) and the genetic theory put forth by Mendel.

      But then again, you might be right. But I’m pretty sure that’s what neo-darwinism is all about.

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