10 thoughts on “Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ ineffable God

  1. “Sometimes I think the Jesus and Mo artist reads my website.”

    Well, he’s got a brief quote from you on his page, apparently you once called him ‘a philosophical confrere’ (that’s a good thing, right?)

    1. (Damn WP and its hair-trigger ‘post’ button, I hadn’t finished…)

      He doesn’t have a link to this site though, even though he does have a link to a certain squicky cephalopodic lair. Most regrettable.

      1. You might want to check again. Under “What they’re saying…” link is linked to Mr. Coyne’s name. It’s the fourth link on the left sidebar. Can’t miss it.

  2. Lord Russell’s celestial teapot comes to mind. One cannot dismiss his argument by noting the silliness of the name; it too is ineffable. Alvin Plantinga cannot gainsay that[The Great Pumpkin].
    His argument is that a tea pot is orbiting some planet but no one can detect it, comparing it to God.
    Might someone further here this argument?
    WEIT, do you approve of the name Coyne-Mayr-Lamberth teleonomic argument? I don’t want to use that name if you don’t.

    Lord,Baron, Fr. and Rabbi Griggs Carneades-Thaels-Strato

  3. Has anyone heard about the British engineer who has developed a land mine that resembles a prayer mat?
    He is selling them in Afghanistan and the prophets are going sky high

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