Thanks to readers for donating to DWB (and where you live)

September 11, 2012 • 11:48 am

I have an email from Brian, who assisted with the atheist/skeptic/secularist auction for Doctors Without Borders last weekend.  There were two autographed copies of WEIT on offer on eBay, and I’m happy to hear this:

We got $565 total for the two books and I mailed them off today.  It looks like your readers came through.  😉   Thanks again.

That’s a lot of medicine for the indigent and disaster-stricken! Thanks a lot to the two readers who paid that much for my book, and thanks also to those of you who donated without bidding for auction items.  I really appreciate it.

The donations, though, are far short of the goal, and if you want to donate, please go to this page and DO IT (you’ll recognize some of the names). As per prior arrangement, reader Marta (and, as a special offer valid this week only, any reader who donates  $100 or more and mentions this website) will get an autographed copy of WEIT, complete with hand-drawn cat picture. (Not valid for Ben Goren, who donated but already has an autographed book!)  If you do, just email me your address and how you’d like the paperback autographed.

And here’s where our readers have come from over the last 30 days; we have Greenland, Iceland, and China now. It’s a website without borders!  (Where are those readers in west Africa, though?)

And, for LOLz, here are the search terms used most often to find this site; these are over the whole 3.5 year-history of the place (has it really been that long?).  Click to enlarge:

It still baffles me why “shaved cat” and “blue ringed octopus” are perennial favorites.

15 thoughts on “Thanks to readers for donating to DWB (and where you live)

  1. I just want to know how a search for “penis” ends up here. These people must have gone through hundreds of pages of results, then finally decided that _here_ is where they’re going to find what they’re looking for.

  2. It still baffles me why “shaved cat” and “blue ringed octopus” are perennial favorites.

    And “penis” doesn’t?

  3. Speculation:-

    A German speaking porn enthusiast will use “weit” for “wide” are you able to tell where the searches for “shaved cat” & “penis” originate?

    The Google algorithm uses synonyms in search terms & thus if Google defaults to the German language “weit” in combination with the synonyms for cat [pussy] or penis should put you quite high in the rankings

    If I search for “blue ringed octopus” + evolution I get your site 6 times in the first 11 hits. This is because you posted about the animal on 5th July 2010 & you’ve also mentioned it since at least twice with regard to it being a popular search term ~ hence driving it up the rankings 🙂

  4. Addendum:

    “weight” [& perhaps “white”?] are often misspelled as “weit”

    Thus someone wanting to know about the weight of an animal that you’ve mentioned on your site will find you high up in Google hits ~ it didn’t work for me when I tried it though BUT it did lead me to blog sites that mention your book or site

    1. P.S. I forgot to mention that everyone’s Google search results are different these days, because Google notes what sort of stuff you’ve searched for in the past & ranks accordingly

      If that creeps anyone out THIS is how to turn off Google search history personalization

      1. “because Google notes what sort of stuff you’ve searched for in the past & ranks accordingly”

        So if my granny searches for ‘pussies’ on her computer she’ll get lots of nice piccies of kittehs, but if she searches for it on mine she’ll get…. oops! How do I turn that feature off again?

        1. One non-granny related reason why one should aim for web anonymity:- Insurers Test Data Profiles to Identify Risky Clients

          Also worth reading:- THIS & THIS

          I use the anonymous search engine DuckDuckGo which blocks results from low quality “content mills” such as eHow & any sites with a lot of advertising. It doesn’t use the Google algorithm which is both a pro & a con. But, there’s a whole slew of other anonymous search engines that use the Google engine, but sites who pay for the privilege get artificially up-ranked in the results. I guess you can Google for them 🙂

          1. Hmmm, just read some of that DDG stuff. Also tried a couple of quick searches, it found my obscure homepage quicker than Google did, so it must be good 😉

            I don’t hate Google, but I do hate the idea that spooks might be wanting to subpoena my search results some day, so I might give DDG a go.

  5. So everybody knows that WEIT is the go to site for duck penises.

    I’m more fascinated that “jerry coyne blog” works with this website. Who knew?

  6. I was just about to donate through that site when I noticed the “do you want to cover fees” check box. Reading the FAQ, I find that FirstGiving charges the non-profit 5% for collecting the donation (plus 2.5% for credit card fees, which presumably the non-profit would have to pay anyway). Sorry, but that’s 5% I’d rather see going directly to DWB than to a middleman.

    You can make donations directly to MSF/DWB here:

    1. Direct donations certainly would be preferable, but only if the total amount donated remained the same or very close to it. Fund raisers inspire people to donate who otherwise would not or to donate more than they otherwise would have. I hoped I could get around the fee by donating through PayPal at the UK site, but since I live in the USA and don’t qualify for Gift Aid, I’m pretty sure I was wrong. Never the less, I’d participate again—partly because I’m a strong advocate of Doctors without Borders, but also to support the efforts of DPR Jones and, of course, of the inestimable Jerry Coyne.

      1. I agree that sites like FirstGiving might draw more people to a given nonprofit, but I’d hope that most donors would spot the fee and jump over the the nonprofit’s own site. All the big ones (Oxfam, American Red Cross, UNICEF, even SPLC) have very prominent Donate Now buttons, and their sites aren’t hard to find. Admittedly you don’t get your name on a public list, but I can live with that 😀

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