15 thoughts on “The new issue of Cell

      1. Yup, they are hinted at as white, a bad choice in the context. The illustrator probably used a photo, and the whiskers color is probably in there but also more visible.

  1. They’re magic (divine) whiskers – you can’t see them or touch them but you have faith that they must be there.

    1. magic (divine) healing whiskers, mind you – that’s why I spend my hard-earned dollars on the freeze-dried powder for what ails me.

  2. You are all a bunch of clairvoyants! I must be too! Here we are, writing about it on the 30th of August, and the cover is dated 31 August so only comes out the day AFTER we have discussed it. Hmmmmmmm
    I have also being trying to figure out what is holding the cat’s attention as it is certainly not the poser nor the hider, looks more like the tip of the poser’s tail.

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