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    1. Since it’s Shelburne Farms, I have faith(!) that it’s real. It’s a pretty cool place – IIRC the farm was at risk of being broken up to satisfy an inheritance, but the heirs instead banded together and set up a nonprofit, which enabled it to be preserved intact. I had dinner there during a meeting in Burlington some yrs back.

  1. Hey nice, happy valley!

    If you’re ever in the region, try out the produce. It’s among the best in the world (I’m not exaggerating) between the floodplains and ash-laden soils.

    Just don’t eat the owl.

  2. Reminds me of paintings by Giuseppe Arcimboldo: (1527 – July 11, 1593) was an Italian painter best known for creating imaginative portrait heads made entirely of such objects as fruits, vegetables, flowers, fish, and books – that is, he painted representations of these objects on the canvas arranged in such a way that the whole collection of objects formed a recognizable likeness of the portrait subject.

    1. I’ve seen some of those.
      Stop reminding me that my pretensions of geological Philistinism are only pretensions.
      Even if that is a billion-year old lump of stromatolite in my pocket, it doesn’t mean that I’m not pleased to be going home!

  3. See christians; that is what a created owl looks like. Not something that contains a well ordered progression of DNA building blocks that can be traced through all species of life.

  4. I want to know how they got the owl to hold still while they draped him with produce.

    No, I don’t think it’s photoshopped, though I’ve been fooled before.

  5. I’m quite certain that this picture is Photoshopped. The giveaways:

    1) The uneven lighting on the surface of the produce, which varies slightly between each separate piece of fruit/vegetable.

    2) The strange curvature of the rockmelon that conveniently follows what would be the natural curvature of the owl’s head and neck.

    3) The leather straps around the owl’s legs. Clearly they are real straps on a real owl, which has been overlaid with digitally manipulated images of produce.

    Sorry to burst everyone’s bubble, but this picture is still impressive nonetheless, if only as a demonstration of the digital manipulator’s skill.

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