Caturday felid: KittenQwest contest—Teh Winner!

July 21, 2012 • 4:35 am

There were many entries in the KittenQwest Contest, whose aim, you may recall, was to find a kitten cuter than this one, an internet photo sent me by an alert reader.  This is “Napping Kitty”:

Our anonymous celebrity judge whittled down the contenders to six, posted here.  And the votes were decisive:

The defending champion, Napping Kitty, was the clear winner, which according to contest rules means that nobody wins the prize.  But I can’t be so mean-spirited as to withhold a prize, so I am awarding a “consolation prize” to the first runner-up, the unspeakably cute kitten Greebo, entered by reader Paul B. with this cryptic message:

Please find attached a photograph of my moggy Greebo.

As one reader commented, “In Terry Pratchett’s books, Greebo is the big black tom belonging to the witch Nanny Ogg. And really much more resembling a Hells Angel than resembling the adorably cute kitteh in the picture.”

Another commented, “It’s Greebo’s adorable oversized head and white ruffled shirt that does it for me.” Still another noted, “Yeah, Greebo. Looks like he needs to grow into that head.”  (Note: we don’t yet know whether Greebo is male or female.)

I have to add that my own favorite was Trix, but so be it.

At any rate, if Greebo’s owner will contact me by email with an address, I’ll send out an autographed copy of WEIT with a hand-drawn kitten included as lagniappe. I’ll also try to procure a photo of an older Greebo in case the photo was taken a while ago.

Thanks to all for entering and voting!  At the very least we got to see a number of incredibly cute kittens.

11 thoughts on “Caturday felid: KittenQwest contest—Teh Winner!

  1. This contest was so neat.

    Thank you for sponsoring.

    Surely, I am not the only to ask – have you thought about contest for grown kitties?

    Thank you!

  2. One more….they were all precious kitties. I’m sure the judge was hard pressed to make a decision. Thank you to “judge”.

  3. Is it true that only female cats have 3 different hair colors? Based on that, I *guess* Greebo is female… =)

    1. Calicos and tortoiseshells are almost always female. Greebo would be described as a “brown tabby with white blaze, vest, and mittens.” And cute white eyeliner, too.

  4. Congratulations Greebo!
    Nanny Ogg and the rest of the sisters three agree, you are a one kute kitty.

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