KittenQwest: The poll!

July 16, 2012 • 6:48 am

It’s time for readers to vote in the KittenQwest contest for the cutest internet kitten.

Our celebrity judge has scrutinized every kitten proffered as a contender to the photo of what I saw as the cutest internet kitten: “Napping Kitty” (NK) shown below.  Remember that I offered any reader who could send me a photo or link to a cuter kitten than NK an autographed copy of WEIT including a hand-drawn kitten.

There were about eighty entries, with many showing kittens owned by readers.

The KittenQwest judge has narrowed those entries to six contenders, all shown in the gallery below (click on any photo to enlarge it and to begin scrolling through the finalists). All but one contender was owned by a reader; the exception was “Lil Pea,” a rescue cat offered by the Mayhew Animal Home in England (I’m sure she’s adopted by now).

So, readers: please vote for ONE AND ONLY ONE OF THE SEVEN KITTENS IN  THE POLL BELOW. If any kitten beats Napping Kitty, the reader who submitted that photo wins the book. And vote only once, please (that means you, Butter!).  You’re on your honor here; I really don’t want botting.

The latest results should be visible after you vote. Remember that you can view the ongoing results at any time by clicking “view results” below the poll.

The contest closes on Friday at 5 pm.  And do feel free to comment on your choices below.

The kitten to beat—Napping Kitty:

The contenders (click on one and scroll through them; press “escape” to return to the poll):

39 thoughts on “KittenQwest: The poll!

  1. This is like asking me to choose which is better: being given a million dollars in hundreds, or in fifties. I’ll have to take a few days to think about it before I vote.

    1. Exactly. This is too damn hard. I could live with any of them winning – maybe a slight preference toward Greebo, Lil Pea, Lana, and Napping Kitty.

  2. As I said, when you click on any of the challengers, you go to a slide show where they all get BIG.

    Quit yer griping! 🙂

  3. I just hope the Squidly One doesn’t catch wind of this and release his kraken horde…next thing you know, the poll will get hacked and the winner will be a Northwestern Tree Octopus….


    1. Hmmm, in the spirit of Douglas Adams’ `Bistro-mathematics`, I suspect there is a non-commutative pseudo-Euclidian geometry that would have that property. Not just Kittehs in space, but Kitteh-space!

  4. It looks like Napping Kitty and six close runners-up to me. It’s hard to beat the ginger kitten perched among the CDs. It’s partly the fold ears, partly the folded paws, partly the tidy short hair.

  5. “And vote only once, please (that means you, Butter!).”


    This message has been sent from my Blackberry!

    1. I don’t trust Butter to be a Himmy of his word, and have confiscated my Blackberry and locked the back door to the home office. We’re doing double walksies duty until Friday to compensate (and extra treats). Anything to keep down the incessant meowing.

      And despite that one could argue that two kittens vs. one per picture gives them an unfair advantage, I went with Lana & Nana for their outgoing personalities. It was a ridiculously difficult decision though. And in no way pre-ordained… if the tape of history was reversed and played again, I could easily have decided otherwise. 😉

  6. Boy, I hate that there are kittens as equally cute as my Turbo. But folks, before you vote, look deep into the adorable sad eyes of Turbo and know that the only way to cheer him up is to win a cute kitten contest.


  7. Kawaii or oh-noez-waii!? That is so unfair, to be forced to exercise my free will.

    Oh, well. I let the resting kitteh be my case.

    1. Greebo rulz. Even if the deck is stacked against him with that dinky little thumbnail! (Take THAT Ceiling Cat!)

  8. They’re all cute! All nice photos, too (and I have a LOT of cat pic experience – in addition to chasing my own cats with a camera, I used to be a photographer for a shelter with 400 cats).
    I chose the lovely TRIX, whose colors remind me of my Smally, the only one of my cats who came to me as a kitten. Trix also looks full of personality and ready to play!
    (You can meet Smally on my blog:)

  9. I voted fro Trix because she is my cat (shared with my wife of course) and she simply IS the cutest.

    1. There should be toggle buttons to the left of (on the same line as) each choice (pick only one), and there should be a button called “Vote” right below the choices (and above the “View Results” and “” links. If not, might be a problem with not having Java enabled?

  10. Come on, y’all, vote in the comments for

    Kink the Cat

    Kink the Cat

    Doc Bill approves this message.

    1. Would Greebo suit you? In the UK at least it’s derogatory ~ a wannabe Hells Angel without a motor bike. Greebo kitty is my favourite though s/he’s got attitude.

      1. In Terry Pratchett’s books, Greebo is the big black tom belonging to the witch Nanny Ogg. And really much more resembling a Hells Angel than resembling the adorably cute kitteh in the picture.

  11. is Little Pea advertisement ? I voted with Turbo because it was the only one who didn’t look sad.

  12. And vote only once, please (that means you, Butter!). You’re on your honor here; I really don’t want botting.

    The guy who exhorted his readers to steal an election against puppies and babies is appealing to our honor now … typical gnu atheist!😃

  13. This is EVIL! I feel guilty for not voting for the other five. Like I committed a wrong. This is the worst poll ever!

  14. This is unfair. Why not show a wide range of savage hunters? I had a rather small cat in the country and it loved to kill wild rats bigger than itself and leave them on my doorstep as a present. Now that is what I would vote for.

  15. I’ve been looking at this all day and can’t bring myself to vote. This is some kind of cruel social experiment, isn’t it?

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