30 thoughts on “Iran, Greenland, Iceland, and China!

  1. I’m travelling to Mongolia at the end of the month. I’ll attempt to read the blog while there 🙂

  2. That’s how trees make scars to heal wounds – see it all the time. Maybe we really just have thousands of virgins lurking in the woods. Which would be a total waste of their time.

    Idiots. WCFields was right, one born every minute. Or more.

  3. My wife occasionally has to go to French Guiana for research; I’ll have her read the website from there the next she’s down there. And tell her collaborators about it.

  4. My wife occasionally has to go to French Guiana for research. I’ll make sure she checks the blog from there the next time she goes down.

    1. Colin’s wife says: I will be in French Guiana at the earliest in October, and at the latest in January. Expect your hits to rise sometime between those months.

  5. If troops are on base in Afghanistan using DOD provided networks (presumably) I wonder if they would show up as US domestic users rather than users in the host country (no idea, just asking)

  6. I would expect the troops to register as being in the USA; generally the internet connection would be provided via satellite through a VSAT device and communications would be routed through a facility in the US.

  7. The NATO troops in Afghanistan from 50 Nations will not be on .af

    The same applies for Halliburton, Blackwater & the other companies with their snouts in the trough

  8. Europe in particular looks pretty anemic, but I guess that’s a function of the narrow color scale and the lower populations/country. Is there a facile way of generating a map showing hits per capita or anything like that?

    Also, Papua NG has been on the map in the past, hasn’t it? I know there are at least field stations there.

    1. A slight glitch as it was published prematurely. But not to worry–it will be up first thing tomorrow morning!

  9. IT appears this blog or the entire wordpress is blocked in China–I am travelling in China, but unable to use the local internet to access WEIT, having resort to the VPN of my school in the US.

    I wonder how information on Chinese readers has been collected.

  10. I’m thinkin’ that to be affronted is to have someone stand in front, so to speak, of me, block my path or advance; to be “offended” is for someone trying to “fence me in, making me have to “fend off” the offending one? Which leads me to contemplate the connection to having to “fend” for myself.

  11. eBook Whinge,

    Whilst WEIT is now available on the Kindle app for the US, it is not available to Australia yet. Could you ask the publishes to help in this regard. We are a country of early adopters of all sorts of technology.

    And it its not available for Australia, it may not be available for other countries?

  12. Well, there are educated people in Iran, Greenland, Iceland and China. Maybe not so much in some of those other countries…

    1. No educated people in vast swathes of West Africa? Don’t be absurd!

      The problem is clearly linguistic. There are readers in the main anglophone countries (Nigeria and Ghana), but none in French speaking West Africa.

  13. Sorry to burst your bubble, but the BioLogos stats are probably “unique visits”, while you are counting each hit separately. I would expect the two to be separated by at least 2 orders of magnitude.

  14. For what it’s worth, I’m currently reading from China. I’ve also read there previous to this post (as far back as your post lamenting a lack of readers in china). It might not show up because wordpress is blocked. You could have many readers who use proxies similar to mine.

  15. I read WEIT daily from Iceland, but via Google Reader, which apparently proxies the feed so that the country of origin doesn’t show up unless I look at the blog directly.

    In future, I suspect that almost all blog hits will come indirectly via such feeder sites and so hit-counting must adapt.

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