Google honors Klimt

July 14, 2012 • 8:54 am

The Google page has another special doodle today, one in honor of artist Gustav Klimt, a particular favorite of mine. Today is the 150th anniversary of his birth. The doodle:

If you click on the doodle on the Google site, you’ll go to a page of information about Klimt.  I’ve seen only a few of his paintings in person, but look forward to a Klimt orgy when I visit Vienna in October.

Let’s forget about “The Kiss” today and look at another Meisterwerk (click to enlarge):

Farmhouse with birth trees (1903)

The great man himself (1862-1918; photo taken in 1914):

12 thoughts on “Google honors Klimt

    1. That’s not the only error in the caption.

      This is not Farmhouse with Birch Trees – 1900.

      It is Birchenwald/Buchenwald – 1903. That would be birch trees/beech trees.

      There actually is a farmhouse in that painting. I was straining for quite a while trying to imagine it hidden in this image.

  1. Farmhouse with Birch Trees has an otherworldy quality about it. I love all his paintings but especially The Kiss

  2. And if what particularly attracts you to Klimt is the gold leaf mosaic aspect, if you find yourself in Stockholm, make sure to visit the gold mosaic hall at Stadshuset (the Town Hall). It’s not Klimt, but you’ll probably never see as much hand-cut gold leaf tile anywhere else, imported from Germany ca. 1923.

  3. ‘Birth trees’ made me think of the central European custom of splitting the trunk of a live sapling and passing a child through the split before binding it up again, that I’ve seen on TV somewhere.

    But those are definitely birch trees, so I suspected a typo.

  4. I don’t know if you are aware of the work, but you should real Carl Schorske’s Fin-De-Siecle Vienna before you go to the city, which has a section on Klimt (Actually, it’s also a very good history of the golden age of Vienna, which discussions of figures like Freud, Herzl, the anti-Semitic mayor Karl Lueger, and so on).

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