“The most unconcerned cat on the Coast.”

July 8, 2012 • 11:41 am

by Greg Mayer

As a bonus felid for this weekend, I present a denizen of Darwell’s Cafe, a Long Beach, Mississippi, eatery that we’ve had occasion to note favorably before here at WEIT. While in Mississippi last week, we had dinner there, and met this fellow (a culinary report will follow).

The Unconcerned Cat at Darwell’s.

He occupied a seat at one of the outdoor tables, and as the place filled, and diners checked out his table, he looked at them disdainfully, and would not yield his seat. The singer/guitarist in the trio playing that night noted this, and announced that he was, “the most unconcerned cat on the Coast.” (“The Coast” being what this area along the Gulf of Mexico is known as.)

10 thoughts on ““The most unconcerned cat on the Coast.”

    1. Any cat on my seat can expect to be relocated to my lap if I want to sit down, in fact my cat relies on it.

      1. Exactly.

        If they didn’t want to be cuddled, they shouldn’t be so cute!

        (I confess I’ve yielded many a chair to sleeping felines, however.)

  1. Notice that the tip of one ear is cut off, making it look flat instead of pointy? That is the sign of a trap/neuter/release cat. It shows he has been vaccinated against rabies and permanently protected from increasing the homeless cat population. In fact, if he is a male, and if he were neutered after reaching maturity, he might further reduce the number of homeless kittehs just by “shooting blanks.” The females of his neighborhood who aren’t spayed could match up with him, get their instinctive/hormonal needs met, and not get pregnant — at least, not from him. They don’t need to get pregnant to get out of heat.

    Gorgeous as he is, and sad as it may sound to make him the last in his personal line, it is nice to know somebody out there, some human, is making the effort to care for him and, presumably, others there.

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