Caturday felid: aqueous cats

July 7, 2012 • 4:24 am

OMG, I almost forgot it was Saturday, and had I forgotten I would have broken a three-year continuum of Saturday cats.  Fortunately, I remembered, and here are two videos of cats in water.  Some even seem to like it!

And here’s Neo the Swimming Cat, who despite his owner’s asseverations doesn’t really seem to like the bathing experience:

I manage a Dive Resort in Indonesia, and my cat has had to be able to swim. Neo goes for a swim every two days in the ocean. Afterwards we give him a hot bath with shampoo to wash off the salt water. He never complains, never tries to scratch us, never tries to run away.

Enjoy Neo, the Swimming Cat!!!

I would like to add that we have had many guests staying with us who are vets, and none of them thought he was ever upset, annoyed or scared. We would not do this if we thought it was causing him any harm or discomfort.

h/t: Jim

21 thoughts on “Caturday felid: aqueous cats

  1. I certainly don’t think Neo shows any signs of being afraid of swimming, and under the circumstances it was probably a good idea ensuring he knew how to swim. I just don’t see any signs of him enjoying it either.

    The cat at the top on the other hand, seems blissed out by his bath.

  2. I am sitting here with my large fluffy cat (who is terrified of rain) and thinking – I wouldn only ever wash my cat like this if I was feeling suicidal! Not that I’d ever get as far as sitting with the cat while she sat in teh tub!

  3. We have two kitties, one of which is a “once-I’ve-become-an-indoor-kitty-I-never-want-to-go-out-again” cat, and the other is a true indoor-outdoor cat. The i/o cat even wants to go out if it’s sprinkling–a little water doesn’t deter him. But if it’s raining a bit hard, he’ll jump to the (open) window’s ledge, go first to one side of the window, meow, and then go to the other edge of the window, just to see if it’s raining as hard at that end as at the other.

  4. Sometimes I hear someone say that they hate cats.
    Does anyone know of a good rejoinder for this?
    After reading of a study that showed a direct correlation between IQ and cat ownership I thought a good one might be – “That means you’re stupid”.

    1. I’m a programmer and I was once asked the question “Cats or dogs?”, during a job interview by the company’s CTO.

      I truthfully told him that I was owned by two cats. He nodded approvingly.

      At a later occasion (I got hired) I asked him about the somewhat odd interview question and he explained to me that he had been asking prospective programmers this question over the pas 30 years and that he discovered a very strong correlation between cat owners and exceptionally good programmers.

      I concur, of course.

    2. I reply to people making statements like that with an expression of concern and say, “Oh, I am sorry to hear that”, and leave it at that.

      “direct correlation between IQ and cat ownership” I doubt it. People who state that they unequivocally that they hate anything for no particular reason are a bit peculiar to be sure. But I find people seeking approval for liking one type of animal more than another are a bit unsettling to me too.

      We all have different things we like, and that’s pretty okay by me.

        1. I have neither cat nor dog any more. However, I have had my life considerably enriched by both and I wouldn’t have missed out on the fun brought by any of my four-footed friends for anything.

        1. That says something about islam of course, Muhammad wasn’t an actual historical person.

    3. Of course, thinking “X and Y are correlated” and “everyone who is X is Y” are the same thing is rather good evidence of stupidity. This fallacy gets rather annoying.

      “There’s a negative correlation between IQ and being black.”
      “So you’re saying that all black people are stupid?”
      “No, not all black people, but clearly you are.”

    4. That may mean he/she belongs to a group that are stupider.

      I’m pretty sure IQ doesn’t measure OBCQ (Owned By Cat Quotient) or stupidity much.

    1. You haven’t read much WEIT apparently, this is mundane use.

      Really, it’s just an emotional expression.

      I don’t care much about it myself since I think religion unwarranted (if somewhat understandably) dominates cultural expression. (And I come from a post-lutheran society, where such emotional expression dominates some areas much more than in US, such as cuss words.)

      But as in cats vs dogs you may choose your own liking and expression.

  5. Reblogged this on thewordpressghost and commented:
    A Freudian slip if there ever was one.
    Our polemic atheist used the Freudian ‘OMG’ to slip in a slight parapraxis for us.
    Well, I hope it brings a smile to you like it did to me.
    We all need a little humor in this world gone mad.

  6. Okay, I’ve waited several days and still no one has commented on how this video is an example of “aqueous humor.”

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