Kitteh contest: Hallie and Max, and a reminder of the KittenQwest contest

July 4, 2012 • 3:06 am

Reader Cheryl and her husband Fred submitted their two tailless cats for the kitteh contest.  Remember, you can still submit your cat, along with a nice paragraph describing it, by sending it to my email address, easily obtained by Googling.

Oh, and I’ve extended the KittenQwest Contest for another week while I attend the Evolution meetings.  Contest now closes July 12, so submit one picture (by email) or link to the cutest kitten you’ve seen on the internet (it doesn’t have to be yours!). Links should be given as comments at the contest website, not on this post!. The prize is an autographed copy of WEIT with a kitten picture hand drawn by moi.

On to Hallie and Max:

Having missed the deadline for your “cutest kittens” pictures, I’m attaching a couple you might enjoy.  One shows Hallie, our cat who’s seemingly a candy fan.  She’s a Tabby-Manx mix that we adopted (probably too young) in Cincinnati. She is now Age 6, with a very skittish but loving personality.

Our other cat, Max the Manx, also is shown.  We adopted him from a Louisville, KY shelter, and he’s now 7 years old.  He’s a character and runs the household, as you might imagine.  He obviously feels he has to supervise all our goings-on, and he is the fast friend of our 9-year-old son, James.   We are currently teaching Max to ring a bell to gain access to the garage–with slow but improving results. 🙂  Now he is ringing the bell MANY times a day–perhaps overdoing it!

11 thoughts on “Kitteh contest: Hallie and Max, and a reminder of the KittenQwest contest

  1. Max is a real beauty!

    Regarding the bell, bad idea! Giving a cat yet another tool with which it can make you do what it wants? Baaad idea!

  2. “Max” is very obviously “Darth Puddy-tat”, but is “on duty” as “the fur to whom the SuperHighIntensityTraining sticks.” And s/he’s taking it far more seriously than the photographer.
    Sorry, I’m just watching old TV footage of the Maggon being exposed as a total hypocrite by a 14-year-old schoolgirl in a phone-in. “Never act with children or animals,” as the old acting saw goes. Or, if you’re a politician, “never be seen with human beings, for fear of being exposed as a contemptible liar.”
    On an almost unrelated topic : is there an accepted abbreviation for “She/ He” yet? “S/He” fits for me, but not for everyone.

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