Storm over Chicago

July 1, 2012 • 4:22 am

On Friday we had an evil-looking storm over the city, which, though threatening, didn’t do much to Hyde Park, the area where I live.  Reader “daveau”, however, sent several awesome photos of the bizarre cloud formations accompanying the rain; these were taken by his friends, who are credited below the photos. (Click to enlarge):

Photo by Andrea Grania

Photo by Kayla McCormick

Photo by Jean Marcellin

The Chicago Tribune has more pictures here.

20 thoughts on “Storm over Chicago

  1. Is there still a Foster Hall, girls dorm, on the Midway – that’s where I lived when I was at the U of Chicago way back when RMH was in charge? Among others, there was a science survey course that I think is the source of my abiding interest in everything from microbiology to cosmic physics and more and my hero worship of Feynman.
    I also had a class with Norman MClean. So give my salutes to the University?
    I recall amazing storms……

        1. If you ever come to Chicago, take the architecture tour along the Chicago River. Just jaw-dropping from a historical perspective. In fact, I’ll go with you; it’s been 4-5 years since I’ve taken it.

          1. Good idea. I will take you up on your kind offer if ever I’m that way & I rather fancy trying a steak house too while I’m at it. Architecture:- I’m particularly fond of the mainly terracotta-clad First Chicago School – Louis Sullivan & the like.

            1. This is the place. Chicago was an architectural playground after the fire.

              I’m always up for a steakhouse, if you ever are in town. My email is always available by clicking on my gravatar.

  2. The first one is obviously downtown, and the other two are on the north side, near Indian Boundary Park. About 20 miles north of JAC. I missed it, too, since I work way out in the suburbs. But I have some good friends.

  3. To mis-quote one of the Star Wars movies “that’s not a cloud, that’s … an alien invasion fleet?”
    That doesn’t work too well. More or less on topic, “that’s not a cloud, that’s … the Dragons of Heaven!”
    Or “that’s not a cloud, that’s … the Midgard Serpent.” Or “Smaug, awakening!”
    I assume that in base reality, these are warm- or cold- frontal cloud banks. And since they sure look like they’ve got accumulated angular momentum, is this a warning of tornado potential? I’ve little chance of ever being in “Tornado Alley”, but there are other places in the world with tornado potential.

  4. Whoa. Looks like the appearance of the spaceships in Independence Day, that wildly successful and yet not very good mid-90s Roland Emmerich film.

  5. DC Weather folks are indeed calling it a derecho, as tib (No.9) noted. Knocked out power for 0.5*10^6 DC Area folks, myself included until now; many others still gonna be out for the rest of the week.

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