Kitteh contest: Jesse

June 13, 2012 • 4:13 am

Reader Jim Billie has sent a picture and story of his late cat Jesse, now with Ceiling Cat:

This is my (late) cat Jesse.  He was rejected by several previous owners; some thought he was stupid.  He was the most intelligent cat I’ve ever known.  He could figure out any door-latch in the world.  He liked to flush the toilet and watch the water swirl.  He was stout:  His weight varied between 18 and 21 pounds.  This earned him the nicknames:  Blobbo and Toilet Seat Cover.  He was sweet and affectionate.  He loved to sleep in my lap as I read and sipped wine.  (I would have him on my lap and my other kitteh on my legs.)  My (dog-loving, cat-disliking) friends liked him and called him “dog-like” (a great compliment from them) due to his affectionate nature.  He possessed all his claws but used them very judiciously.  He was special to me because, in addition to all his other merits, he was the first pet I had as an adult and he worked his way into my heart deeper than any other.  He was a true friend and I was crushed when he passed.  I kept him going for 3+ years with daily insulin shots (and more heroic measures towards the end) before kidney failure took him at age 15.  I buried him in my backyard myself, along with a can of tuna:  His favorite food.  (Funny how silly superstitious stuff like that still feels right sometimes!)

I will still accept cat pictures and stories, though there is a queue (note: cats aren’t posted in order of receipt, but according to my whim).

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  1. Perhaps this has been answered sometime earlier and sorry if I missed it but is there an address where I can send a submission? I see no posting of an e-address.


    1. The usual answer is that it’s easy to find via Google.
      I haven’t actually tried, myself.

  2. It’s so true how the odd little superstitious thing feels right when burying a pet. All my rodents over the past 6 years have been buried with their houses, a little food, and two 1p coins (to pay the boatman, obviously). All things I would never consider doing for a human.

    I have no idea why the wife and I do this for our pets, we’re both Atheist and anti-theist, but it just seems right to bury them with some nice things…

    1. Traditions do help us forge some sense of continuity. In the case of pets, perhaps the lack of fellow grievers makes it more important for us to mark the passing of a friend.

    2. We’ve never officially buried Bryxie. We’ve had her ashes in her favorite bedroom along with her favorite toy, a paw impression, a fur clipping and a couple of pictures for a couople of years now. Weird? I don’t think so.

      We do bury other small pets in the garden, primarily our named fish, usually Bettas, and a friendly outdoor mouse named Herbert I used to feed for a couple of years until Fifi offed him. They all have little river stone markers with their names on them in nail polish.

      I think there is a need to remember them, and objects they loved provide a focus for that. I doubt they need material posessions or food for the afterlife.

      1. Joanie’s ashes got scattered in Mom’s garden.

        I’ve still got Tamar’s ashes in a box. When I put in the brambles of blackberries and roses and what-not ’round the perimeter of the front yard, she’ll get planted there with them. You see, she had lost her toes in an unfortunate surgical incident some time before I inherited her, and I promised her I’d do my best to figure out some way of getting her her claws back. This way, she also gets to chase butterflies, too…she was an indoor-only cat, and so never got the chance….



  3. Grave Goods. It will be interesting to see how many contributors admit to such atavistic behaviour. So far, the feeling appears to be that it is ok for pets but not for humans.
    Well, I have a confession to make. When my grandmother died during the 70’s (At that time I was in my later 20’s and more agnostic than atheist) I slipped her purse into her coffin. She was in her 90’s and during the last year of her life had suffered from dementia. An element of her confusion was that she was forever searching for her purse and always wanted it beside her. So, perhaps, on the face of it, there was a reason for my action. But I wonder if it was really a throwback fear that penniless she would be unable to cross the Styx? (I had read latin and greek at school and the latter to an extent at University)

  4. I vaguely remember burying a hamster when I was young and my mother (Christian) suggesting we give him some food in the form of sunflower seeds. My father (atheist) claimed he immediately said “Yes, then sunflowers will grow here and you will remember your pet when you see them”. Both reasons would seem reasonable to a 7 year old I suppose.

  5. That’s so sad, but Jesse had a contented life around you as all our creature type cohorts deserve. It’s horrible when they go isn’t it. Horrible.

  6. warmest of hugs to you on the loss of your friend. He sounded – & looks – wonderful. & I have buried beloved cats with favourite jumpers, their toys…I’m glad he had a warm & happy lif with you

  7. What a little beauty! So sad to loose a cat. I’m so happy to have a cat in my life right now (even if he’s constantly waking me up by knocking shit off the frig).

  8. Jesse looks like a fine kitty and you made a great life for him. He sounds a bit like one my kittehs- he’s a 15 y/o hefty, black kitty who is a bit dog-like (he used to play fetch when younger). Thanks for sharing.

  9. Dog owners just don’t get it, do they? I’m sorry for your loss, and happy for your wonderful memories.

  10. Jesse is beautiful. It sounds like he was a very lucky kitty to have such a happy, peaceful life. It is always hard to lose them – each one is unique and irreplaceable.
    I lost my biggest black cat, Midnight Louie, to diabetes last year. He was our Top Cat and I still miss his loving, protective presence.
    Here is a post from my blog that I wrote a couple of months ago at the request of a reader who had just lost her cat:

  11. I hope he also buried a can-opener and somebody to wield it, otherwise kitteh heaven is going to be a very frustrating place for little Jesse!

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