God has sent me a toy

June 2, 2012 • 11:10 am

Here’s a post from an oxymoronic new website, “Intelligent Reasoning.”  Naturally, the author—one “Joe G.”—doesn’t have the courage to post under his name.

Now what would a loon who would write something like that look like?  Like this (the guy, as noted by a reader in the comments below) has been identified repeatedly; this is from “The IDiots of Intelligent Design” and the “coward” caption is theirs):

Meet Joe G.

I love the smell of lunacy in the morning.  And in return for this fun, I have just given Joe the only traffic he’ll ever get—one link.

But what’s with the voles?

122 thoughts on “God has sent me a toy

  1. And sure enough, here comes a giant turd cresting that giant wave of ignoramity I mentioned in an earlier comment.

    Keep a strong lookout, my brother. There’s a whole lot more to come from the burgeoning boobwazee in this ridiculous land of the so-called brave and free.

    As Kevin remarked earlier, we living in a nation of morons. And if we’re not we’re at least surrounded by them.

  2. Notice that the lunatic has very few comments on any of his posts. I guess even IDiots shun a moron lunatic. Thanks for the laugh, Jerry!

  3. Joe G – Intelligent Reasoning website mission statement.

    “Promoting, advancing and defending Intelligent Design via data, logic and Intelligent Reasoning and exposing the theory of evolution as the nonsense it is. I also educate evotards about ID and the theory of evolution one tard at a time and sometimes in groups”

    He forgot to omit his standard strategy: “Preferably by calling names”

    1. I haven’t clicked over (nor will I), but is the “Intelligent Reasoning” a copy and paste quote job? Punctuation and all? If so, does anyone here have any clue why the religious randomly capitalize Pedestrian Nouns? I once dated a guy who escaped from a nearby religious cult, err, Religious Cult (Ramtha’s School of ‘Enlightenment’), and years later he Still would just Randomly do it.

      It’s one of the signs I look for in writing to know if the person is religious or not. I just don’t ‘get it’.

    2. Oh, great, he uses “tards” and thinks it’s deeply hilarious. This special education teacher is only slightly offended…

  4. Moronic rather than oxymoronic.

    His chief weapon is Ad Hominem and libel. Two. His two chief weapons are Ad Hominem, libel and and gross misunderstanding of any scientific material that he ever reads. Amongst his weaponry are such diverse elements as Ad Hominem, libel, gross misunderstanding of any scientific material that he ever reads, and an almost fanatical devotion to voles.

      1. I love polymoronic and I’m stealing it!

        Jerry has his head above the parapet and all those with a sling shot are having a go. This one is particularly a characterture of himself. However I imagine Jerry has had to find ways of taking all this merde in his stride. I’m thankful that he is patrolling the parapets for us.

  5. It’s not just name calling. He managed to get himself banned from one very tolerant blog by posting a link to pornography.

    1. yeah, JoeG has been trolling the ID blogs for years.

      I recall him posting sycophantic praises on Uncommonly Dense over 5 years ago.

  6. Well, at least he’s reading your blog, Professor Coyne.

    I suppose Dan Dennett would advise us to now just wait and let your memes percolate into his brai…

    … wait, his brain?

    WHAT BRAIN? Yo! Professor Dennett?!?

    1. Ad Uglymentum! +1

      That’s the one I have been looking for. I know the Ad Hominem (as in reply 6) but claiming to be right due to the other person supposedly being ugly should have a shiny new name.

      Thanks 🙂

  7. This must be prime rabid thought disordered insanity. As the mythical sage Bugs Bunny once said – “What a Maroo…on”.

  8. Another thought – do voles carry any known brain attacking parasites? Probably not so easily explained, but that man is, well, out there. I find myself hoping he does not own any guns, for the sake of everyone within range of him.

    1. Yes, no guns for mental midget Joey G.

      I do hope he’s into handling poisonous snakes, however.

      1. I’m going to play my pedant card here, and point out that most snakes are venomous, not poisonous.

    1. Well god could just be having an off day or perhaps god just has a very strange sense of humour.

      Apologetics – am I doing it right ?

  9. I maybe mistaken but I seem to recall hearing about a certain rodent, it might be the naked mole rat, that is immune from cancer. Presumably God could bestow cancer immunity on any species that he chose to. Maybe he declined to do so for the only species that he cares about to test our faith.

    1. I maybe mistaken but I seem to recall hearing about a certain rodent, it might be the naked mole rat, that is immune from cancer.

      post a link if you ever run across where you got this from?

      I used to hear this about sharks, until I met the guy who published the original article that got twisted by the press into the idea that sharks don’t get cancer.

      He told me that IN THE PAPER it emphatically stated that sharks get cancer at exactly the same average rates that all vertebrates do. It was just that the TYPES of common carcinomas varied between sharks and bony fishes.

      not surprising, given the differences in physiologies.

      also not surprising that the popular press fucked it up and created a lasting myth.

  10. This is what happens when an adoloscent Youtube commenter understands how to create a personal blog.

  11. Sorry Jerry,

    This Trolls are such frustrating and angry voices, and while begging to be heard all they should get is out silence.

    I am impressed by your calm attitude towards them….or is it just pity?



  12. Well, from the limited perspective of a straight white male, I actually think JC is very good looking. (Of course the fact that I attended a 2/3rds Jewish public high school might have biased me.)

  13. drool-spewing

    One is either drooling or spewing, but not both at the same time.

    In my limited experience.

  14. Ya know, if I was unscrupulous and wanted to embarrass and discredit anti-evolution creationists by pretending to be one, I would make unsavory unChristian-like posts to a YEC or ID website written just exactly the way “Joe G” wrote that post on his “Intelligent Reasoning” website.

    I mean, YEC’s and IDers with folks who post like “Joe G.” posts in their midst don’t need public critics like us!

    1. “Intelligent Reasoning”… hah! That’s even better than Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (which is neither of those except Korean).

    1. Just go to his thread that was posted (the one by Richard Hughes). Ticks that eat watermelon. Ice isn’t water. There’s a ton of TARD in those mines, with links to many more. He even claims (or claimed) to be a Muslim creationist, and if challenged offers to meet people at his home, which is usually a parking lot somewhere, and he never shows up. Yep, Joe is a keeper.

  15. Does his mother know what foul language he uses? Perhaps she should be told and then she will wash his mouth with soap …

    1. Pride is a deadly sin, you know, Bart! 😉

      But isn’t micro-evolution v. macro-evolution a distinction only evolution deniers make? Does it really have a place in evolutionary biology?


      1. paleontologists use the term “macroevolution”, but not even remotely in the way the creationists use it.

        it’s used to describe large-scale evolutionary events over geologic time, not differentiation between species.

        so, it does get usage as a term, but you’re right it’s not one that evolutionary BIOLOGISTS make.

        1. Is the statement “Animals don’t make a small change and then go back to their previous form” true? The reason I ask (I’m not a biologist) is that the fancy goldfish in our pond have gone forth and multiplied and the great majority of the offspring seem to have reverted to wild type coloration (black/olive green).

          1. That is a good question and while I am not a biologist, not yet anyway, you must remember that goldfish are essentially carp that have been breed for certain traits. These obviously include color and given the short time in which the domestication happened, I would guess that the original alleles for the green/gray color are still lurking prominently in the genome, waiting to meet the right mate and be “turned on”. Also, the statement about animals reverting back to previous forms is not entirely true. Take moths example. When trees started becoming darker, the frequency of dark coloration in the moth populations increased. When the trees started turning back to their original color, the frequency of dark coloration decreased. These are small changes that are controlled by relatively few genes. I would say rather that species that undergo major evolutionary changes, the appearance of mineralized skeletons, for example, usually don’t revert back to their original state. I could be very wrong about all of this though, I am still an undergrad.

          2. Richard Dawkins mentioned that phenomenon in (I think) The Greatest Show On Earth. It’s where domestic animals start to more closely resemble their wild ancestors after going feral for a few generations. Can’t remember the exact name for it right now.

  16. I’m sure the religious ID crowd is just thrilled to have this unbelieving, obnoxious jerk “Joe G.” arguing on their behalf.

    “With friends like these…”

    1. Joe’s been banned from many places, including some ID ones, although they usually let him come back as a sock.

  17. Hey, if I say mean things about you on my blog (no matter how moronic), will you feature me???

    It is one way to gain, ahem, “street cred” with my fellow morons…er…creationists. 🙂

  18. I read a few of the posts on Joe’s website and learned some amazing things. If you like his biology you’ll love his physics. Here’s some stuff I bet not many WEIT readers know.

    “Wet electricity. Whereas the electricity that powers our computers is comes from the flow of electrons through a conducter and “hates” water, the electricity that runs our bodies is designed for a wet environment and uses pumped ions to convey differing messages to our command center.”

    Now I’m an electrical engineer who has worked in the computer industry for years, and I never knew that I was using dry electricity. Even worse, I didn’t know that the electrons in computer circuits hated water. I feel terrible. All this time I wasn’t even considering the feelings of the poor electrons. How could I be so insensitive?

    When I go back to work on Monday I am going to start thinking about how the electrons feel in my computers. I’ll be a better engineer and a better person for it.


      1. Yup. You thought user complaints were bad. Wait till the electrons start complaining. There are an awful lot of them.

    1. “Wet electricity. Whereas the electricity that powers our computers is comes from the flow of electrons through a conducter and “hates” water, the electricity that runs our bodies is designed for a wet environment and uses pumped ions to convey differing messages to our command center.”


      From JoeG’s site, ‘About me’: “I fix things- all kinds of things- mechanical, electrical, electronic and personal”.

      Holy Jesus Christ on a bicycle. I wouldn’t let him put a plug on a toaster if that’s his level of understanding. Sheesh.

      (Is that really a picture of JoeG holding the vole up there? Why the hard hat? – in case the vole escapes and lands on his head, or is it to keep the wet electrons from leaking out of his brain? 😉

      P.S. If JoeG will kindly stand in a puddle and firmly grip the bared end of the mains lead powering his computer, he will find the ‘dry’ electrons really, really do love water and can’t wait to go through him to reach it…

      1. I’m not sure if something weird is going on with WordPress or my browser or what, but when I wrote my comment above, the pic at the end of the lead article was a guy in a white hard hat holding some sort of furry critter. And now it’s a guy wearing what I’d call a baseball cap (but I could be wrong about that since I know zero about baseball) – who could be the same guy or not. Strange.

    2. Well, the electrical “currents” in animal bodies is a bit different than electrical flow in metal wires: since the current here is carried by large ions moving through an aqueous (“wet”) solution, similar to what happens in an electrical cell. The water is more or less essential to the current flow.

      I don’t know how to charitably interpret the “electrons hate water” part though, and as you can see from the last paragraph, it is not from want of trying.

  19. …..Just in case anyone was under the impression that we don’t have to tolerate this shit in “enlightened” New England. Sure we have a lower percentage but the ones that preach this stuff are in your face with none of the politeness you might get from a Southerner or Jehovah’s Witness. Instead we get Massholes. Not fun.

  20. Ah, my friends, you have been discovered by JoeG. As one of his former chew toys… I can only say… set the rules in advance and stick to them.

    JoeG has more comments on my blog than every other commenter combined. There are some great quotes attributed to JoeG. I think the best was the discussion in which I asked him to explain his version of thermodynamics by asking what would happen to the energy level in a closed system as one mol of H2O disassociated into H and O, then back into water. His response began an epic multipage discussion about how a “mol” is not “one molecule” of water. I even admitted that it was a trick question when I asked it (because in a closed system it can’t happen. Yet, he thought the ‘trick’ was that one molecule of water couldn’t change state. We had many laughs at that one.

    Of course, JoeG also thinks that hail is not made of water and that finding out about your family and casually mentioning them in a comment is equal to a valid discussion.

    This ought to be fun.

    1. There are some great quotes attributed to JoeG.

      how many of them made it to: Fundies Say the Darndest Things?

  21. Cats don’t turn into dogs and dogs can’t turn into cats! That’s how I know I’m not related to my sister, none of her offspring will be me and none of my offspring will be her (it sucks finding out one of us was adopted).

  22. Joe G is Joseph Gallien (aka frisbee_kid, John, Jim, Joseph, John Paul, and other user names). His site isn’t new. He has been projectile vomiting his insanity there for a long time.

    He’s a regular on UD (Uncommon Descent), and has stunk up plenty of other sites. He’s a belligerent muslim creationist IDiot and an incorrigible tantrum throwing attention whore.

    I’ve had the pleasure of exposing lots of his cowardice, lies, contradictions, and stupidity on various websites, including my own. Many other people have exposed his BS too, and especially on ATBC (After the Bar Closes at Antievolution.org). Check out the link that Richard Hughes posted above).

    One of the things he keeps saying is that he is going to file a lawsuit against the ToE being taught in schools and that he will prove once and for all in a court of law that “Darwinists”/evolutionists are just a bunch of lying “evotards”. All he has is bluff and bluster, and a BIG mouth.

    And if you’d like to see more of his raging lunacy go to theskepticalzone.com, and don’t miss the Guano section.

    1. They have the “Airwolf” theme song playing. I certainly hope the cat wasn’t killed to compound the tragedy of bastardizing a theme song I once enjoyed.

      1. No, it seems the cat was run over and he kept it for half a year in the freezer (next to his potato croquettes :)).

    2. The artist says his cat died in a traffic accident.

      But I honestly don’t see why it had to be posted here, or why anyone would link to POWnews ever.

      1. I share the sentiment “I honestly don’t see why it had to be posted here, or why anyone would link to POWnews ever” – especially the last part. Or why anyone would ever look at POWnews.

  23. Joe G is truly a pathetic head case. He’s a compulsive liar who over the years has bragged about being an Iraqi war hero, and a research scientist, and a world class power lifter, and an accomplished pilot, and a software guru with a top secret clearance who wrote genetic algorithms for encryption projects. He’s also a YEC who has claimed at times to be a Muslim and other times an atheist.

    Then it was uncovered that’s he just a morbidly obese middle aged white guy in Massachusetts whose only technical training is in repairing small electric appliances.

    Joe G is also an “internet tough guy” who has been kicked off of numerous C/E boards for making physical threats to members. One particularly hilarious time when he was called on his threatening bluster he gave out a phony address of where to find him and promptly disappeared.

    Joe G is a loser’s loser.

  24. O noes! JAC has been told. WEIT will have to fold.

    Or will it? Tune in tomorrow to find out, boys and girls.

  25. Unfortunately, Joe G’s post is all too typical of the level of debate in today’s world – lots of invectives, name calling, and anonymous comments, with very little [in this case, nothing] of any real substance.

    Speaking of ugly, remember the Mother’s of Invention song that asks “What’s the ugliest part of your body?”, and answers “I think it’s your mind!”?

  26. The fact that he spews personal insults suggests that he is not all that confident of his POV. The ones that scare me are those that smile benignly and tell me that Jesus loves me anyway.

  27. Joe Gallien once claimed that he is a scientist because he has a B.S. (in electronics engineering).

    He also has a history of stalking people and posting personal information about them on the net to try to intimidate them.

    Sleazy coward.

  28. I understand microevolution to be genetic changes over time in a population, which can lead to macroevolution, ie speciation. I think the basic macroevolution events are speciation and extinction. I’ve never seen reference to genusization, familyization, orderization, etc. This leads me to think that origin of a new genus, for example, involves one to several speciation events, rather than a single genusization event.

  29. This guy is a complete looney, but I have a question about his point about whale evolution. He states that no geneticist or biologist knows if a fully terrestrial animal can revert back to water. He says this because he claims it is impossible to test. Isn’t that “technically” true, as in conducting an experiment to witness an animal reverting to an aquatic lifestyle? If so, does that really matter? Can’t we be pretty damn sure from the extensive fossil record, showing gradual change and dates that line up?

    1. He says this because he claims it is impossible to test. Isn’t that “technically” true


      in fact, experiments HAVE been done to try and re-activate ancestral genes in various species.

      chickens with reptile teeth comes to mind.

      so, not actually impossible to test, at least to a few levels of iteration.

      1. too many links on an addendum reply, so pardon if this ends up being duplicated:

        if you are interested in this kind of thing, it is touched on in a bit of detail in Neil Shubin’s book:

        Your Inner Fish.

        also I would suggest Sean Carrol’s:

        Endless Forms Most Beautiful
        , as he goes into some detail on this as well in tracing the history of evo-devo.

          1. thank you. I actually have shulbin’s book and I didn’t start reading it yet. So I will get on that immediately. And the chicken teeth is seriously amazing. I wonder how in the world an IDiot can rationalize that one? It seems to me to be a very convincing piece of evidence in favor of common ancestry. thanks for the links.

            1. I actually should of used creationist instead of IDiot. My understanding is that, in the very least, IDiots accept common ancestry.

              1. Only some of them. The term IDiot (as I understand it) refers only to someone who advocates ID ad such people can be any form of creationist. The Disco Toot alone has members that run the whole spectrum of creationist types.

  30. Jerry, When I read something like this I despair at how sheltered I am. All through my education I was never exposed to depths of ignorance like this, and as a teacher of upper-division high school science I have worked with good, bright kids who, even though science may not have been their thing, at least wanted to succeed by learning what they could grasp. If I had people this ignorant and stupid, in either my high-school or college classes, they didn’t last long, I guess. I’ve met some parents and colleagues who didn’t get science and were offended by what it said about their religion, but they at least never resorted to vitriol and name-calling. Truly a sheltered life on my part.

  31. Note to self — use *any* moniker OTHER than “Joe G” when making the occasional comment . . .

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