Caturday felid: kitten survives four days in car’s exhaust pipe

June 2, 2012 • 4:13 am

From Metro, an amazing story of felid survival in Brazil. The poor thing was wedged in an exhaust pipe—while the car was being used.  I’d adopt it if I were in Brazil.

The motorist found the two-month-old creature wedged inside the exhaust system, with just its head and a paw sticking out. It was only when he took the vehicle to a garage to have the animal removed that mechanics noticed it was still alive. The part was taken out and rushed to a fire station where a crew cut the feline free. The kitten had intestinal surgery and is now recovering at a sanctuary in Rio Verde, western Brazil. Fire commander Coronel Candido Cleber said: ‘The kitten was cold and must have climbed into the engine to try to warm up. ‘But when the driver started the engine he was suddenly sucked in. ‘It’s a miracle he was still alive. The driver drove around for hours before deciding to find out what was wrong.’

Picture by Matt Roper

17 thoughts on “Caturday felid: kitten survives four days in car’s exhaust pipe

  1. Everywhere online says exhaust, but pretty sure that’s an intake. The ribbed fitting where the kitten is sticking out looks like that found on many intakes, the big box looks like the filter box, and if the driver looked ‘under the bonnet’ they’d be looking at the intake. Plus, you don’t get sucked into an exhaust – they blow out. I also doubt it would have survived in the exhaust pipe, between suffocation and heat stroke.

    1. That’s moulded plastic (note the raised part numbers). You don’t get plastic components in the exhaust system for obvious reasons.

      1. Really… it was all over the news.
        He was malnourished, dehydrated and had to go through a cirurgy to remove a part of the intestine. They say he suffered multiple organ failure.

        1. Super sad. I hope such an unfortunate katnap location isn’t accessible to or preffered by many kitties. Though that makes this tragedy even sadder because he was just a small cold malnourished kitten looking for some warmth, any warmth.

          1. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for cats to climb up into car engines or wheel wells. Just another reason my cat is strictly indoors.

            1. You’re absolutely right. I remember a cat being ripped up in my neighborhood about 40 years ago after it crawled into a car engine to get warm on a cold winter’s day.

  2. Brazilian sources report that the kitten was sawed free last Monday by firemen a few minutes after it was found stuck in the air intake. About 30 people came by the veterinarian clinic to offer it a home when it got better. However, the kitten died on Wednesday (31 May).

  3. Does he remind anyone else of Bill the Cat? All that photo needs is a speech bubble with “Ack!” to complete the illusion (and indeed allusion).

      1. Yeah, I wrote my comment before I read that he didn’t make it. Well, his suffering is over at least, and he’s seated at the right paw of Ceiling Cat now.

  4. Yes, but hey, kids, don’t let this stop you from locking (oops, I mean letting) your cats outside. Cats are wild animals, after all, and they’re “too smart” to be hit by cars.

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