Kitteh contest: Moxie

May 31, 2012 • 4:31 am

Reader Rick sends in his “Halloween cat,” Moxie:

Moxie is our Halloween cat. A few years ago, we were on the front porch sorting candy and enjoying the evening after Trick-or-Treat was over, and this scrawny cat came up and announced that we were her new servants. She was clearly a malnourished stray so we took her in so that she could fatten herself up. She quickly impressed us with her lack of fear, so we named her Moxie.

She’s not afraid of the vacuum cleaner or the doorbell or strangers or crying babies or anything else that we’ve tried. We figure it is that lack of fear that saved her life.

She’s a very talkative cat, but has a very soft voice. If we look at her and say her name, she’ll open her mouth as if to meow, but not much more than a faint reminder of a meow comes out. We figure she’s part dog: she comes when called (with enthusiasm), and growls at anyone who knocks or rings the doorbell. She also growls when my son is practicing saxophone.

In the attached picture, Moxie is looking on our 22 person Thanksgiving crowd. She seemed more irritated with their presence than afraid–they were in her domain, sitting in her favorite spots. She is sociable, but not affectionate–she likes to be near us and guests, and will deign to being petted, but enjoys it against her will.

(JAC: In American slang, “moxie” means determination or nerve (it’s similar to the Yiddish chutzpah). It’s also the name of a chocolate-flavored carbonated soft drink of which I’m quite fond.)

12 thoughts on “Kitteh contest: Moxie

  1. Chocolate flavored? I’m from Maine and have been an avid Moxie drinker for well over a half century. That’s gentian root you’re a tastin’, not chocolate. You people “from away” don’t know nothin’. 🙂

    All the same, I’m adding you to my list of distinguished Moxie drinkers.

  2. Chocolate? I am from Maine, too, and drive through Lisbon Falls every now and then which is home to Kennebec Fruit Co. The town has a Moxie days celebration. Chocolate?


    1. I’ve only had Moxie once, found it in a market in RI (we never see it here in CA) and bought it on an impulse. The whole family agreed it was weird and not anyone’s favorite. Maybe it’s an acquired taste. Or, maybe there’s a reason it’s so rare.

      I don’t remember anything chocolate about it.

  3. What a coincidence. I have a mackerel tabby named Moxie, too (but she doesn’t have any white fur). She was named for her personality.

  4. Gorgeous cat. Congrats to all.

    Bryxie’s full name was Bryxson the Bold, for much the same reason. Stared down every truck on the highway on the way home from picking her up.

    They still make Moxie?

  5. Here I sit, in my Moxie shirt (co-incidence, actually), about 5 miles from the Moxie store, getting a chuckle out of the article.

    Moxie tastes like stronger root-beer with a bit of a bitter aftertaste.

    I don’t drink soda, but Frank at Kennebec’s makes really good Moxie ice cream (when he feels like it – and he runs out fairly fast). I have a couple of pints in the freezer.

    You should drop in and say hi the next time you drive through. He’s always open, even if it looks like it isn’t.

  6. I tried to name my daughter Moxie, but got outvoted. Ended up being her middle name.

    I think Penn Jillette also named his daughter Moxie.



  7. Moxie may have started out “scrawny” and “malnourished” but looks to be very well-fed and cared for now. Good job.

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