High-resolution video of Earth

May 19, 2012 • 11:10 am

According to YouTube and HuffPo, this amazing video of several days in the Earth’s northern hemisphere were taken by a Russian weather satellite that snaps a photo every 30 minutes with a resolution of 121 megapixels.  From YouTube:

A timelapse of Planet Earth from Electro-L, a geostationary satellite orbiting 40000km above the Earth. The satellite creates a 121 megapixel image every 30 minutes with four visible and infrared light wavelengths. The infrared light appears green in these images, and shows vegetation. The images are the largest whole disk images of our planet, the resolution is 1 kilometer per pixel. The images are “masked” by a circular barrier that blocks out the light of the Sun and other stars. This is to prevent damage to the camera by exposure to direct sunlight. City lights are not visible because they are thousands of times less bright than the reflection of sunlight off the Earth. The images have been interpolated (blended) to create a smooth animation.

Images Copyright NTs OMZ. Videos Copyright James Drake

See more Electro-L movies and full-size images at http://Planet–Earth.ca/

These are apparently the natural colors, too.

29 thoughts on “High-resolution video of Earth

    1. No No !
      Rape it and pave it over. How else can we provide living room for another 7 billion humans. No other species has any other rights (Genesis 1.something), and the Earth is for our dominion, so stop thinking and get back to breeding!

  1. Reblogged this on luvsiesous and commented:

    Every now and then, my evolutionist colleague writes a blog worth sharing.

    This one is a ‘video’ of earth from a geostationary satellite.

    I hope you enjoy as much as I.


    1. *Preposterous!* According to your blog you were “a professional instructor” before retirement. So not only do you no longer work, so no colleagues, you are an anti-science creationist.

      Enjoy your video, these kinds of factual observations and theories (planetary science, climate science, biosphere behavior) is what you would miss out on if your goals were successful.

      1. Such a small and narrow mind.

        I am a very pro-Science Christian.

        While I am sorry that you cannot understand faith in the Creator, I assure you, you will not rain upon my good day which God created for you to enjoy as well as for me to enjoy.


        1. Well, Wayne, the policy here is that if you publicly profess faith in the Creator, you have to tell us the EVIDENCE you have for that Creator. Please do so.

              1. hahahaha …..

                Faith in my Creator explains the external force necessary to create something from nothing – literally tearing nothing into two.

                The Creator explains the elusive ‘God-particle.’ Ironic? No?

                The Creator solves bio-genesis much more easily than chance solves the abiogenesis problem.

                And a Creator explains HOW Moses (or if you prefer, the editors collectively called, ‘Moses’) wrote the most accurate Cosmology before what?

                20 years ago?

                40 years ago?

                No doubt you are of greater intellect than Moses, but how did ONE man generate such a fanciful, yet accurate, account?


              2. The Creator doesn’t explain or solve anything. All it does is push the questions into a box marked “Do not open”.

              3. Pity about the snark in your last line, Wayne. A loving Christian you’re not.

              4. Wayne, your creator has explained nothing. Even the Flying Spaghetti Monster does a better job of explaining all that.

              5. As pro-science Christian, you’re presumably aware that the Church tried and convicted Galileo 400 years ago for cosmological heresy. This seems at odds with your claim that Mosaic cosmology was state-of-the-art until just 40 years ago.

            1. Hi Wayne, your Moses claims are nonsense just like claims that the Quran is chock-full of advanced descriptions of the development of human embryos. And also, how is any of that proof a particular deity (in your case Yahweh) exists?

      1. Right! Quite amazing. I noticed there seems to be a very bright spot moving along from right to left, as if that very small point on the planet is taking an especially intense hit from the sun

          1. Simply put, that’s all it is.

            Amazing to see the ‘earth eclipse’ too.

            Goddy-praisers aside, I’m enjoying this more than kitteh blogs. (No offense to kittehs, are they are awesome too)

        1. That’s the ‘sun glint’. There is also the occasional ‘blooming’ in the images (green smears in this case) and I’m not so sure what’s causing it; I’m thinking it’s overexposure of sun glint regions but it may also be sunlight scattered within the instrument when the sun is in the camera’s view.

  2. Sorry, not natural color — the green is imputed from infrared bands. So, like all such imagery, it’s been constructed to look like what we think the earth should look like … still amazing!

  3. How come I can never see these videos? On WEIT, Youtube and planet-earth.ca I just get ‘video not available’. Has it been taken down for copyright reasons?

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