Bargain hardbacks of WEIT

May 15, 2012 • 7:20 pm

I just noticed that Amazon is selling WEIT at the bargain price of $11.18—that’s only twenty cents more than the paperback. If you don’t have one, here’s the opportunity to get the hardback (whose print life, I’m afraid, is about to expire) for very little dosh. I have only a few copies myself, so all contest winners from now on will get paperbacks. (Nb: I have a dozen hardback copies in Korean that I don’t know what to do with. Suggestions welcome.)

Do note the caveat, though:

This is a bargain book and quantities are limited. Bargain books are new but could include a small mark from the publisher and an price sticker identifying them as such.

29 thoughts on “Bargain hardbacks of WEIT

  1. So now the Kindle edition is more expensive than both the paperback AND the hardback. When will publishers learn that a $9.99 Kindle edition will sell more copies than both reaL world editions combined, and will continue raking in money for years to come without ever having to produce and ship any more real world books and long after the last real world copy has been sold.

          1. Well of course Jerry’s post is about books on Amazon, which he can’t autograph if you choose to buy them there. Thankfully, he can still autograph the books he gives away to winners of his contests, among whom I doubt I’ll ever be. My plea for pricing Kindle editions sanely doesn’t mean I want real world editions to disappear, only that I want the Kindle edition to be consistently less expensive than they are.

  2. Thanks for the tip, but I was fortunate to pick up a mint hardback in a used bookstore a couple of years ago for only $15. I’ve often wondered why the book was in such good shape. I like to think that some religious person got it as a gift, and then promptly traded it in for some useless rubbish. Either way, I won.

  3. LOL mr.Coyne, why would anyone want to buy a paper book of any kind. Haven’t you heard of ebook readers, ultrabooks and iPods?

    Are you seriously still awkwardly twisting hundreds of sheets of paper in bed with no ability to do instant searches, instant dictionary, references, etc..

    1. instant… whoops. The thing just died.

      …it was working just a second ago. Maybe the lithium battery just fritzed, or it was a cosmic ray. If only I had some kind of low-tech solution. It would be nice if I could mark up the pages a bit… make notes in the margins. How is that possibly done anymore, I’ll never know. Maybe the new software release will address that issue.

      1. You can highlight and add notes in my Android version of the kindle reader. I find it useful because I can get a fairly in depth definition of an unfamiliar term and even perform a google or wikipedia search when I encounter something that I know nothing about (which happens quite often) and often the kindle version is cheaper (though I’m finding this less and less to be the case). There’s also the instant gratification of having it download instantly and not having to cram in random books just to get super-saver shipping. I also have the advantage of being able to synch my progress across a variety of devices. If I’m out and about and stuck waiting on something, I can whip out my smartphone and pick up where I left off the night before.

        Though there is something to be said for the low tech model. After so many signatures you can’t really read the screen on your kindle and is hard to impress guests with a virtual bookcase. I’ll probably pick up a hard cover copy of WEIT with the price reduction even though I’ve already got the kindle version.

        1. Can you leave the kindle on your chair by the pool & still see it when you get back from the bar with your pina colada?! Or leave it on the beach when you run into the azure blue ocean (substitute grey Nort Sea for me) for a constitutional?! 😉

      1. Which is better – Professor or Doctor? In the UK I would say Professor has more heft, but maybe that is different in the USA?

        1. There’s a different connotation stateside, where in the colloquial both Dr. or Prof. means you’ve worked your butt off. (your arse off)

          It’s less of a class thing than in the UK, with gradations of Dr. vs. Prof. vs. whatnot. In certain contexts (in informal speech, for instance), either title is synonymous. But to address someone who has worked their butt off in either context as a “Mr.” while prattling on about paper vs. electrons is inexcusable; and as that is the case, I can indirectly invite the original poster to grant me the privilege of sucking my balls dry while completely (to my satisfaction) explaining in semaphore the reason for making their idiotic comment in the first place.

          Goddamit. I so fucking sorry I left the ” Notify me of follow-up comments via email.” checkbox checked. his has to be the WORST “update” ever.


          1. “Goddamit. I so fucking sorry I left the ” Notify me of follow-up comments via email.” checkbox checked. his has to be the WORST “update” ever.”

            Hmmn are you Dr. Coyne’s Bulldog?

            Anyways, I own the hard back of WEIT, one of the better book purchases I’ve made.

    2. I buy books. I read them and pass them on to friends. Not everyone is “wired-in” or linkedin or whatever the kids say.

  4. I bought an $11.18 copy from Amazon in April and it is in mint condition. No markings or stickers on it. Of course I already read it a couple of years ago, but the copy I read was from the library. Now I own my own copy, and it would seem that I’m just babbling….carry on.

  5. Having seen the US edition, which I have seen remaindered sadly in Waterstones by UCL, I really think the UK hardback is nicer – pocket sized.

  6. Jerry,

    any prospects of having it translated and published for a french audience ?
    Even though frenchies are perhaps less reluctant to accept evolution than americans (by and large) I feel it would be very good for the public to have an accessible and comprehensive reference to get acquainted with the basic principles of evolutionary theory and the evidence supporting it.

  7. Done and done.

    I’ve read WEIT a couple of times but all from the library. I’ve used it for reference a lot and it will be great to have my own copy.

  8. Any way I could get a copy autographed? I already have a couple copies, but would like to donate one to a Red Cross Fundraiser…

  9. I was especially excited to see the low price a few weeks back, because I’d lent my previous copy out and, as usual, never got it back. Now my wife has another hard copy to read, my mother has an e-copy on her Kindle, and I can rest assured that my immediate family circle isn’t in imminent danger of the particular brand of ignorance that involves evolution.

  10. The “Squidly One” and the “Uncredible Hallq” (link to latter through my ‘website’ link) discuss an effort to remove evolution from textbooks in South Korea, so there would seem to be a Korean need for the extra books of yours. (I wouldn’t know who exactly to send them to, though.)

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