The mother lode of pro-evolution and anti-creationist videos

May 6, 2012 • 12:57 pm

Alert reader Brian has called my attention to a wonderful site that has tried to collect many good videos (there are about 1000 now!) that are pro-evolution, pro-atheism, or anticreationism. It’s called “The best videos on evolution, creationism, and more“, and is a really good resource for educators or those interested in evolution. Be sure to scroll down the page: there are a lot of categories.

Below is a video that explains the collection.  Root around a bit and you’ll find some useful stuff.

18 thoughts on “The mother lode of pro-evolution and anti-creationist videos

  1. I have a feeling the site is going to crash after being posted here. I recommend yall save it to your desktop as an html file in order to preserve it. 🙂

    P.S. Thanks for posting Jerry.

  2. Somewhat unrelated to the original post, but I would object to the inclusion of several of those people in the picture of prominent atheists. Thomas Jefferson, though a friend to reason and unorthodox in his religious views, most certainly did not go so far as to reject god altogether, for example. Fortunately, his entire concept of theology would be completely foreign to the modern day evangelicals who try so fervently to claim him.

    Anyway, the site looks like a valuable resource, as some of my favorite videos appear to be included in the list. I hope they find a better way to organize and categorize them in the future.

    1. Jacob, you’re absolutely correct. Indeed it bothers me greatly to see the implication that Thomas Jefferson (and Benjamin Franklin!) is an atheist. I was heading for the comments section when I saw this, but you beat me to it. As many people know David Barton just published his new book The Jefferson Lies (a better title would be “More Lies about Jefferson as told by David Barton”), in which he ‘rebuts’ the idea that Jefferson is an atheist. But no rebuttal is needed because no credible historian would ever claim that he was. People should stop feeding the right-wing nutcases.

      1. Yes, it does not exactly help your arguments when you keep repeating fictional history. Such as anyone who brings up the atheism of Benjamin Franklin, an immediate ignorance flag. Likewise are repeated numerically absurd totals and statements of how many people religious warfare has killed. Sorry but I don’t think the US Revolutionary war, the Civil war, WWI, II, Korea, Vietnam etc. had anything to do with religion.

  3. I am shocked that TheLivingDinosaur did not make the list. He manages my favorite anti-creationist/pro-evolution YouTube channel.

    Hilarious, informative, blasts the crap out of creationists, and puts a lot of time into making his videos. Should be uploading a new movie any day now as it has been a few months since the last one…

    1. Well, I watched this clip, and it was entertaining… for the first 10 minutes or so… but then the endless insults that drag on and on and on just make me feel like I’m wading through mud to find gemstones.

      don’t get me wrong, the guy is very clever, and his video style is fun to watch, but he REALLY needs to shorten his responses a bit and get to the meat of the issue faster.

      1. Yes. I agree completely. I’d watched couple of his videos before and they had the same problem.

        This needs to be edited to c. 1/3 the length and the name-calling could be cut by at least 80%. A few of the sharper jabs would be funny, but the endless stream of commonplace ones is just tedious. And, the point is soon totally lost. I understand why this was left off the “Web’s Best …” site.

  4. I’ve noticed a “whyevolutionistrue” channel on youtube. Lately, I’ve seen whyevolutionistrue2, 3, etc. Dr. Coyne, are these your channels, or did someone claim the title as their own? They keep getting deleted and shut down.

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