Kitteh contest: Latke

May 1, 2012 • 3:35 am

Reader David sent a photo of his daughter’s cat, named “Latke” (latkes are potato pancakes: the apotheosis of Jewish cuisine). Re this name, David said, ” When I was married, we got the cat near Passover. My ex-celebrated the holiday, I never really did.”  He adds:

Thought you might like this one.  Its a photo that I took with my iphone of my daughter’s cat who decided to get comfortable in the middle of her coat on the dining room table.

What I didn’t notice was that in the background, you can see me taking the photo (into infinity) as well as my daughter taking a photo of the same moment with her camera.

I am divorced, so seeing my girls, the cat and going over my ex-wife’s house is always a once in a lifetime moment.

Here’s a really good random one for the record.

David adds this to ensure his bona fides in the Atheist Cat Club:

I just returned from the Philippines where I spoke at their first Atheist and Agnostic Convention. I was on with Dan Barker, Jeremiah Camara, Tanya Smith, and a few others. Fun trip, but exhausting to travel so far and return so soon.

You can find his description of the convention, and his talk, on his website, Paleolibrarian.

6 thoughts on “Kitteh contest: Latke

  1. Not to be picky, but “got him around Passover” would explain the name “Matzoh,” not the name “Latke.” Cats named “Latke” are Chanukah cats!

  2. Latke – Nice!
    I don’t know what that colour/pattern is called but it always gives me the impression of being toasted.

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