Kitteh contest: Spencer and Little Big-foot

April 25, 2012 • 3:21 am

Reader David Mustoe sent a picture of feline harmony, as well as of a boneless cat. The first photo was labelled “The Peaceable Kingdom” (the title, of course, comes from pictures by the colonial American painter Edward Hicks).

I thought you might enjoy these.  That’s Spencer (the smaller cat with white fur) and Little Big-foot in two of those pictures and a picture of Spencer practicing yoga (I believe that’s the kitten asana that he’s in there).  Both cats belong to my friends Kate and Jerry.

9 thoughts on “Kitteh contest: Spencer and Little Big-foot

  1. Now I’m trying to think of that SciFi story where this guy removes his bones and just becomes this blob. 60s or 70s. Help!

    OTOH, nothing like a kitteh stretch. Lovely cats.

    1. Hi! LBF is a Humane Society find (as a young kitten). He weighs around 14 pounds now at age 6 or so, and since he’s also an eight-toed polydactyl with large ear tuffs, I suspect he has some Pixie Bob genes back there somewhere. He’s an awesome cat in every way!

    1. Just Google my name and University of Chicago, which should give you my work email address. Submit one or two photos and a paragraph or so describing the beast. Be imaginative!


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