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  1. And what evidence does kin selection have against group selection? Between the two could both come into play when it involves human evolution? Explain the evidence between the two.

    1. I’ve covered this subject in many posts on this website. I suggest you search for “group selection” or “altruism.”

    2. Dawkins also has a good chapter on the subject in ‘The Selfish Gene’, although not about human evolution in particular.

    1. That’s a great question and I’d like readers’ input on this. At first I thought it was a pancake, and then a piece of bread. But I can’t imagine a cat holding so tenaciously onto a piece of bread. Maybe it was a sandwich.

      1. You have never met my cat Charlie (although you have featured her). She is rather fond of bread, preferably toasted and has been known to jump and steal a slice from the breakfast table.

        1. When I was a teenager, we had a kitten who loved toast more than anything in the world, it was absolutely her most favorite food in the world (especially odd given that we weren’t in the habit of giving our animals table scraps).

          One morning, Mom was eating a piece of toast for breakfast when the kitten saw it. She climbed straight up Mom all the way to her shoulder, then walked out Mom’s arm to her wrist and calmly stood there nomming on Mom’s toast.

          This cat also developed the habit of jumping on the counter and clawing her way through shopping bags if there was a loaf of bread in the bag, so we quickly learned not to leave bread on the counter for any length of time at all.

          She also loved riding in the car- she got so excited and had to jump up so she could look out the window.

          Also, she sometimes attacked dogs.

    2. Looks like it could have once been a schnitzel. Either that or a piece of toast with a picture of JC on it. Whatever, I’m thinking it was supposed to be that guy’s dinner.

    3. My initial thought was “turkey”, as in, got on the Thanksgiving table and grabbed the skin and some flesh came with it. However, I discern some “worm-like” bits extending outward.
      The “turkey” scenario makes sense in that the human appears resigned to the situation: once the cat has sunk its teeth into it, might as well (in the spirit of generosity of the occasion) let the cat enjoy it….outside….and, no more pieces for you, thank-you-very-much!!

  2. Scanning through Jerry’s blog and wikipedia and other sources including Dawkin’s site it looks like the winner is kin selection until further evidence. Since I ordered Edwards new book which mostly had positive reviews I will weigh in the evidence or lack of on the group selection part.

  3. Its a bit of Jesus (hopefully the right wing nut), according to the christians, many parts are edible.

  4. “Near death, explained
    New science is shedding light on what really happens during out-of-body experiences — with shocking results.

    I am skeptical, and this article has no mention of the possibility of innocent, or unwitting, collusion bewteen subjects and professionals. But there are unanswered questions. I assume that there are logical,reasonable answers, and maybe unanswerable.
    Would be interested in reading opinions from
    wiser minds than mine.

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