Kitteh contest: Plushie

April 10, 2012 • 3:27 am

From Keira, an Aussie with her own website, we get three photos of her black cat and a bit of information:

This is Plushie.  When we first met, she reminded me of a plush toy (I have a few). I should’ve called her Peluche – not as likely to generate snide giggles.  She was a street kid who hung around until my little old cat, very sick, died, waited another week, then poked her sweet little face around the door and meowed.  She moved in 2 months later and I’ve now had her for 4 years, almost to the day.  She was just under 1 year old when she moved in.  She is the sweetest, most affectionate fat fluffy girl.  She cuddles when I’m down or sick, and will sometimes, when I’m sick, bring me in a dead mouse.  Whoever lost her when she was a kitten (I used to see her out on the road, a little thing who obviously survived because of her cute factor) must’ve showered her with love.  She is unafraid and loving.  Wish I could let them know she’s OK and happy and makes me happy.

16 thoughts on “Kitteh contest: Plushie

  1. My parents had a male cat who looked remarkably like Plushie, down to the reddish-black (in the sun) kinda-curly underfur.

    Their cat was called Swiffer, after the dusting thing, because he went under the sideboard in the dining room, where they obviously hadn’t dusted in quite a while, and came out with dust balls clinging to him.

    Very cute!

  2. The second photo is almost identical to my male cat Ives. Very cute. One suggestion, get thee off the dry food. It is fattening and dehydrates cats. We like Instinct combined with fresh duck. Grains, soy, corn, sweets, has no place in cat food. Wet only.

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