AdBlock is CatBlock today

April 1, 2012 • 4:10 am

In honor of April Fool’s Day (no, I don’t have the heart to play a prank today), the famous AdBlock ad is turning into CatBlock. Yes, that’s right, every ad today, and perhaps for the next few days, will be replaced by a felid.  And, if you subscribe monthly, you’ll be sent a permanent CatBlock app.

See details, and a lolzy presentation, here.  To enable CatBlock for the few days it’ll be up, the inventor says this:

I’ll leave CatBlock in place for a few days, during which you can enable or disable it on the AdBlock toolbar button → Options page.

h/t: Chris Moss

8 thoughts on “AdBlock is CatBlock today

  1. Have tried on Google Chrome. More fun than having the ads just disappear. Easier to see WHERE the paid spots are located, as some ads (on facebook especially) are designed not to look like ads.

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